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County Background
Itawamba is a rural Mississippi county, nestled in the foothills of southern Appalachia. Founded in 1836, Itawamba County borders the Mississippi counties of Lee, Prentiss, Tishomingo and Monroe and the Alabama counties of Franklin, and Marion. The Tombigbee River and Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway runs the length of the county, north and south and US Highway 78 runs the width of the county east and west. The county was settled primarily by settlers from Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee.

General County History and Genealogy
View Early Deeds of Itawamba County, including a history of early Itawamba and a deed plotting tutorial. This 47-page PDF publication (850 kb) is fully indexed including a Chickasaw name index, a slave name index and a full name index.

View the the Itawamba County Stock Mark book (1851-1905). A unique county record group, the Itawamba County Stock Mark book is a small bound book (6 inches by 7 inches) and contains livestock registrations from 1851 through 1904. Most all the entries are ear marks.

View Mantachie Town Photographs taken during the year 1920. These photographs were taken on Main Street (currently Church Street) in the business district.

View the Directory and Historical Sketch of Fulton Station Methodist Episcopal Church South. Now known as First United Methodist Church in Fulton, this 12-page booklet was published during 1934.

View the Chancery Index: 1836-1900 which contains and alphabetical and numercial index of the probate packets found in the Itawamba County Chancery Court Clerk's office in PDF Format. This 103-page online book is a valuable tool in researching Itawamba County probate records.
650 kb (Requires Adobe® Reader®)

View the Every-Name Index of the excellent research book Mother Monroe in PDF Format
470 kb (Requires Adobe® Reader®)

View the 1898 Grand Jury Pension List Digital Images

View the Fulton Southern Herald Digital Images: 1860

View the 1891 Cram's Mississippi Map

View the Itawamba Archival Photograph Collection

View the Itawamba County Research Directory and Address Book

Download the 1885 Mississippi Cities, Towns and Villages Directory
(Requires Adobe® Reader®)

Download the Society Membership Brochure in PDF Format
(Requires Adobe® Reader®)

View the Old Fulton Cemetery Gallery

View the Complete 1922 Itawamba Agricultural High School Yearbook

View the Complete 1921-22 Itawamba Agricultural High School Student Handbook

View the Judson Baptist Association Minutes: 1889

View the Marriage Book 6 Index Pages: 1861-1866

View the Mississippi Indian Cession Map from the 1891 Goodspeed's Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi (583kb jpeg file)

A Concise History of Early Itawamba contains information about the history of early Itawamba County from its pre-organization days in the Chickasaw Nation to the outbreak of the Civil War.

The Civil War in Itawamba County The Civil War in Itawamba County is a narrative containing data about Itawamba County's unique position in the Civil War and includes photographs.

The Itawamba County Research Guide is a comprehensive guide to genealogical research in Itawamba County and contains many resources for information.

Itawamba County Research Map is a county map published by the historical society during the 1980's. The society has digitized this map resource for the online researcher.
What's Been Published about Itawamba County is a listing of publications that have been printed about Itawamba County, Mississippi history and genealogy. This is an ongoing project as more sources are being added on a regular basis.

Plotting your Ancestor's Deeds is a basic illustrated tutorial on discovering the location of your ancestor's property in Itawamba County using deeds. The reader will be able to use the various maps used in the publication to locate their ancestor's property.

Itawamba County MSGenWeb is an excellent site. Be sure to pay her site a visit!

The Official Land Patent Records Site is an excellent resource from the US Department of Interior - Bureau of Land Management. Image access is provided to more than two million Federal land title records for Eastern Public Land States, issued between 1820 and 1908, including all the land patents of Itawamba County.

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System is an excellent resource from the US National Park Service. This system includes a computerized database containing basic facts about servicemen who served during the Civil War. The database currently contains approximately 2.7 million soldier names from over 30 states and territories including 174,699 soldiers from Mississippi.

Census & Tax Records
1836 State Tax List
1838 State Tax List
1839 State Tax List
1840 Census Index
1841 State Census
1850 Mortality Schedule
1866 State Tax List
1880 Census Index
1900 Census Index

Civil War Records
Misc. Service Records
Mississippi Yankee Hunters
Fulton Guards
Capt. Finley's Company
James Creek Volunteers
1898 Confederate Pensioners
Civil War Veterans: 1910
Register of Confederate Pensions
Confederate Pension List: 1925

Marriage Records
Book 1: 1837-1844
Book 2: 1842-1848
Book 3: 1847-1851
Book 4: 1845-1856

Property & Court Records
Deed Book 1: 1836-1838
Deed Book 2: 1836-1839
Probate Packets: 1836-1880
1837 Court Records

Individual Probate Records
Wiley Clifton
Hiram Crayton
George Shumpert
William McFadden
Azel Marcy
Levi Galloway
S. John Warren
Mary Jackson
Seamon Moore
Jesse Sparks
Charles F.M. Hodges
Lewis Johnson
John H. Ruff
Mattie Whitesides
John K. Estes
John T. Mullins
Michael Rhyne
Thomas M. Carothers

Miscellaneous Records
Clergy Registrations: 1838-1869
1838 County Jury List
County Officers: 1861-1872
The Fulton Southern Herald: 1860
Police Court Records: 1872-1875
Election Managers: 1902
McFadden Family Letters
Itawamba County Archival Maps
1922 IAHS Mirror Yearbook
Itawamba Archival Photograph Collection

Biographical Records
Malachai Crawford Cummings
William M. Evans
George H. Abney
John A. Ballard
Jephthah Robins
J.H. Stone


Itawamba County Families
Note: The following links are to various sites on the internet and are NOT a part of the Itawamba Historical Society Online Digital Archives website. 

The Bean Family
The Bennich Family
The Bolding Family
The Bolen/Bolin Family
The Benjamin Buse Family
The Campbell Family
The Chamblee Family
The Clayton Family
The Cockrell Family
The Colbert Family
The Downing Family
The Faulkner/Folkner Family
The Lemuel Franks Family
The Gaddy Family
The Gaither Family
The George Family
The Gillentine Family
The Gregory Family
The Haas Family
The Kemp Family
The Kennedy Family
The Kingsley Family
The Love Family
The McAnally Family
The McCrary Family
The McShan Family
The Mann Family
The Burt G. Moore Family
The Greenberry Ray Family
The Riley Family
The Sallis/Silas Family
The Shannon Family
The Sheffield Family
The Stephens Family
The Stidham Family
The Tatum Family
The Taylor/Lindsey Family
The Thurman Family
The Hiram Webb Family
The Woodruff Family
The Wooldridge Family

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