Muster Roll of Capt. J.L. Finley's Company

J.L. Finley, captain; John Patton, lieut.; C. Mitchell, lieut.; Wm. H. Rogers, lieut.; J.M. Livingston, sgt.; Henry Brown, sgt.; W.W. Lathan, sgt.; J.K. Gilstrap, sgt.; E.H. Stephenson, sgt.; John Taylor, sgt.; L. Leak, capt.; J.J. Austin, capt.; J.R. Whitesides, capt.
C.W. Austin N. Allen S.B. Anderson G. Buchanan
J.C. Bourland W.H. Bourland B.E. Bourland H.C. Barton
W. Bradley G.B. Baty B.W. Barber J.K.T. Braden
J. Braden R. Clayton J.W. Duke J.H. Davis
H.B. Erwin H.H. Franks E. Franks A.J. Fisher
A. Griffin Charles Guyton A.L. Galloway W.H. Howell
John Hare T.C. Hammet S.B. Jackson G.W. Livingston
J.B. Lowe Jack Logne A.J. Clayton R. Clayton
W.C. Calicott J. Calicott Joe Cromeans E.C. Cooper
W.L. Cooker John Cannavan B.L. Crumpton J.C. Christian
T.H. Christian Henry Dodd W.J. Darby J.T. Montgomery
G.W. MacPherson W.H.H. Merrs J.M. Melton Jr. J.R.T. Melton
G.E. Melton J.M. Melton Sr. William McNeil T.J. O'Neal
Wm. Towell J.C. Trice J.R. Truan William Pounds
F.M. Pounds J.A. Roberts William Russian H.R. Rogers
G.L. Sandlin A. Sandlin T.L. Smith W.R. Smith
H.A. Stevens S.M. Savage R.T. Shamley M. Sullivan
E.W. Stovall R.B. Tatom P. Westmoreland S. Witworth
J.W. Willeler J. Wouldridge K.S. White T.M. Wildeman
Thomas Crayton A. Cole A. Taylor W.O. Thomas
J.E. Thomas John Thomison J. Venson J.F. Vaughan
E.L. Wilson L. Watts Y Y


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