Jesse Sparks Estate Packet: 1859

Biographical Notes

Jesse Sparks was born about 1782 in Laurens County, South Carolina. He married Mary Ramage (daughter of Joseph Ramge and Elizabeth Bourland) about 1808 in South Carolina. Jesse immigrated to north Alabama and later to Itawamba County around 1845 where he settled a farm on Town Creek north of Nettleton. Children of Jesse and Mary Sparks were Stephen, John B., Elizabeth, Joseph R., Jesse F., Nancy J. and Isaac E. Jesse Sparks died in Itawamba County on September 1, 1859.


Division of Slaves into seven shares respectfully alloted to James R. McMillian, Isaac B. Spence, Stephen Sparks, Joseph R. Sparks, Isaac E. Sparks, John B. Sparks and Virginia Sparks:

Share and lot No. 1 to James R. McMillian: Negro woman Louiza and child valued at $1,300

No. 2 to Isaac B. Spence: negro woman Francis valued at $1,300

No. 3 to Stephen Sparks: Hannah vallued at $1,200

No. 4: Negro girl Margaret allotted to Joseph R. Sparks valued at $1,000

Share and Lot No. 5 to Isaac E. Sparks: negro girl Harriet valued at $800

Share and Lot N. 6 to John B. Sparks: Negro boy Alfred valued at $800

Share and Lot No. 7 to Virginia Sparks: Negro boy and girl valued at $950

This the 21st day of December 1859

J.R. Wren
A. Thomason
W.L. McGaughy


Newspaper Clipping

Executor's Sale

By virtue of an order of the Probate Court of Itawamba County and State of Mississippi made at the October Term 1859, I will offer for sale to the highest bidder, on Tuesday the 20th December Next at the late residence of Jesse Sparks, deceased, on a credit of One and Two years from the 1st of January 1860 with Interest at 8 percent on the last payment, the following described lands: -- towit:

The South-East half of the North East Quarter of Section Twenty-two, Township Ten, Range Six East for the purpose of disgtribution among the Heirs of said decedent ... At the same time and place I will offer sale to the highest bidder for cash, a lot of horses, cattle, hogs, corn, fodder, household and kitchen furniture, for the purpose of paying the debts of said decedent.

John B. Sparks


Newspaper Clipping
The True Republican
Aberdeen, Monroe County, Mississippi

Non-Resident Notice

State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Chancery Court at Rules before clerk
Monday, Sept. 7th. 1874

...the following named heirs of said estate reside beyond the limits of this State so that ordinary process cannot be served upon them ... Stephen Sparks, Julia Ann Spence and Martha Naomi Spence ...

A.P. Gaither
September 12th 1874


Appraisal of Slaves

The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

To: A. Thomason, John R. Wren and Wm. L. McGaughy

This is to authorize you jointly to appraise the goods and chattels and personal estate of Jesse Sparks, deceased ...

18th October 1859

Louiza, a Negro woman aged 33
Franky, a Negro woman aged 16
Hannah, a Negro girl aged 11
Margaret, a Negro girl aged 9
Harriet, a Negro girl aged 8
Alfred, a Negro boy aged 6
Frank, a Negro boy aged 4
Missouri, a Negro girl aged 2


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

To the Honorable Probate Judge of said County and State

The petition of John B. Sparks of said county shows that he is one of the children and heirs at-law of Jesse Sparks, late of said county, who departed this life on the first of September 1859, leaving a small real and personal estates in said county. The decedent died leaving a lst will and testament in which he appointed your petitioner his executor. Your petitioner and six other children are the legal heirs and distributees of said estate ... that your honor grant him an order of sale of 152 acres of land of the real estate of said dec'd towit: The E 1/2 of NW 1/4 of S. 22 T10, R6 E, S 1/2 of E 1/4 of S 20, T10, R6 lying on Town Creek in said County...

Jno. B. Sparks

The State of Mississippi
County of Itawamba
Chancery Court
October Term 1873

Final account of John B. Sparks, executor of the last will and testament of Jesse Sparks deceased. This executor charges himself with the following to wit: 
As per Sale Bill personal property $902.28
For the value of Eight slaves  which were distributed amongst the heirs as per will $7,200.00
As per annual account of 1866 $327.84
As per annual account of 1869 $27.50
To this amount of notes for the slae of land, which notes were put in suit in the chancery court of Lee County, from which this executor has received nothing $1840.36
For One Bay Mare $80.00
For One Sorrel Horse $70.00

This executor prays the court to allow him for the following to wit:

As per annual account of 1866 $769.69
and as per same account in Confederate Money $240.00
For the value of Eight Negro Slaves which were emancipated $7,200.00
For this amount paid Sheriff of Lee County Costs for amount paid to redeem land $85.56

For desperate note on J.E. Sparks. For this amount for sale of  land in notes which said notes were put in suit in the chancery court of Lee County and from which said notes, this executor never has received anything $1840.36
For one note on James White which was put in suit in the Circuit of Itawamba County and from which this executor never received anything $124.07

As per Voucher No. 24 which this executor failed to report in 1866 for the loss of One Bay mare vbalued in appraisement bill at $80.00

For one sorrel Horse valued as above at $70.00

For this amount of commissions on the sum of $8,102.28 at 7 percent $567.15

Recapitulation amount of 
Disbursements $10,901.78
Receipts $10,447.76
Amt. due Exr. $455.02

... That one mare and one horse died. The mare of the value of $80.00 and the horse of the value of $70.00 ...

... all the Negroes were emancipated and set free by act of the United States government over which this executor could have no control and therefore prays the court to allow him the sum of $7,200, the appraised value of said slaves...

... receiving and paying out Confederate money, and that at the time he received the Confederate money, no other kind of money was in circulation in this country ... this executor shows unto your honor that in all things he did act in good faith during the Rebellion in the receipt and payment of said Confederate money... the executor shows that there was one minor heir of said testator who was entitled to an equal share of the Negro slaves yet said slaves were emancipated and that not the fault of the executor and  ... that he ought not be held responsible to the adult heirs nor said minor for the value of said slaves ...

the 22nd day of October AD 1873
J.B. Sparks, Ex.
A.P. Gaither, clerk


Upon filing the petition and final account of Newnan Cayce, adm. DBA of the said estate it is ordered that citation issue to Lee County, Mississippi for W.J. Gullett and her husband T.F. Gullett, Mary Brinkley and her husband John H. Brinkley, Hulda L. McMillan, James C. McMillan, John B. Sparks, Isaac Sparks, Mary V. Clayton and her husband Thomas J. Clayton adults and Nancy A. McMillan, Indiana McMillen, Sarah N. McMillan, Benj. F. McMillan, Laura A. McMillan and Elsie N. McMillan, minors whose parents are dead and who have no legal guardian and to Lowndes County, Mississippi for Mrs. Bennie Waring and her husband  ___ Warring, returnable to the next October term of this court 1874 ... why said Final Account should not be allowed and said administration released.




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