Itawamba County, Mississippi 1839 State Tax List

The following represents some of the first families in Itawamba County, Mississippi to pay personal property taxes. This tax list supplements the 1840 Federal Census, as the reader will learn that many of the families were in Itawamba County well before 1840. When doing a search be sure to use all variations of name.

Lamuel A___
Eliba Allen
Zachias Allen
Oliver C. Alexander
John Anderson
Arthur Ayer
Lemuel Bradlly
James Bailey
Thomas Bailey
Thomas D. Bakes
James Y. Barnard
Joshua L. Barnard
Richard Barnes
George Barnett
Joroyal Barnett
Joseph Barnett
Joseph W. Barrett
Samuel W. Barrett
James M. Baston
Thos. G. Bates
John Beachamp
Isaac Bean
William Bean
John Beene
Joseph H. Beene
Lemuel Beene
Robert Beene
Russell O. Beene
Willam Beene
William Beene
John Bennett
George Bennick
John Bell
Lemuel Bell
William Benson
Andrew Bingham
William Blakely
Samuel Blakes
John Blalock
R.G. Blanchard
Thos. Booker
James S. Bourland
William Bourland
John Bowls
Jesse Bradkley
James Bromley
William Bryant
John J. Brazeal
Robert Bullin
John Burdine
Charles Burgess
John Burnes
Henry Byford
Lemuel Bradley
John Cain
Alfred Canida
Banes Carter
Ervin Carter
Hugh L. Carter
Sanford Carter
S.R. Carter
William Carter
John D. Carver
Thomas E. Chilcoat
John K. Chilcoat
A.R. Chilcoat
D. Clarke & Co.
Joseph C. Clark
Willis H. Clark
Henry Clifton
John Clifton
W.D. Clifton
William Coats
Peter Cocks
John Cohorn
Lewis Collins
Thompson J. Colman
Samuel S. Colvin
George Conwell
Joseph G. Conwell
Hiram S. Cook
John Cook
E.G. Coons
Hawkins Cooper
William Cooper
Lamuel J. Copland
John Corlley
Asa Cromeans
M.C. Cummings
John L. Daves
James H. Dawhit
P.B. Downing
Isaac Downs
William Downs
Allen Driver
Alexander Dugger
John Dugger
William Duke Jr.
William Duke Sr.
Alfred Dulany
John Dulany
V.S. Duncan
B.S. Duniphin
John Dyer
Thomas Dyer
Eckford & Clifton
F.M. Eckford
Isaac Edwards
A. Elkin
D.F.B. Elliott
Jonathan Elliott
John Y. Ellis
John G. English
M.P. Enlow
John Ervin
Joseph Evans
Nathaniel Farrar
Manly D. Files
Edwin Foster
T.J. Foster
Jeremiah Fowler
Anthony Franks
Charles Franks
Jeremiah Franks
Levin Franks
Reuben Friday
Benjamin Frost
John S. Gains
Levi Galloway
John Gann
W.W. Gathur
James M. George
Lemuel George
L.H. Gideon
Robt. Gillmore
Charles F. Gorden
James M. Greene
Malicha Green
P.W. Green
Joseph Griffen
Richard Guess
William Guttery
Stephen A. Hail
M.B.J. Halcomb
William Hall
Jesse Hamm
Thomas Harbor
John M.P. Harden
N.A. Hargroves
Barnabas Harris
Cobin Harris
Eliza harris
James M. Harris
John Harris
Middleton Harrison
Jackson Higgins
John M. Hoge
A.F. Holcomb
James L. Holcomb
John Hood
Nicholas Horn
Zachias Horn
B.F. Horton
James Horton
John B. Horton
Robert D. Horton
George Houston
David Huff
John Huff
Stephen Hughes
William Husley
George Ingle
William Ingle
J.O. Ingle
Miles Engle
Peter Ingle
William Ingle
Albert James
Harvey Jamison
Joseph Jimmerson
George W. Johnson
Harden Johnson
H.O. Johnson
Sidney W. Johnson
William H. Johnson
William P. Jones
Benjamine Kemp
John Kemp
Andrew Kennady
James W. Kile
Nicholas King
William D. King
Thomas W. Lance
William Landrum
A.G. Lane
James Lawler
John Lawler
John B. Lawrence
Jacob Lea
Samuel Lesley
John C. Livingston
Hillard Lindley
Holland Lindley
James Lindsley
Josiah Lindsley
Joseph Livingston
John Long
John B. Long
Edward Long
Levine Long
William E. Long
Shaywood McBrian
James McColloch
W.H. McColloch
John McCray
Andrew McCraw
William C. McDaw
William McFadding
I.V. McFarling
William C. McGee
James A. McKay
Collin McKinney
Robert C. McMin
Coleman McNease
James McNease
Thomas McNease
Andrew McWilliams
Jesse McWilliams
William McWilliams
John McVay
William Markum
Calvin Martin
Henry Martin
John Martin
Alfred Massingale
Thomas Mattocks
Harmon Maybern
Sugar Mayfield
James Mays
Alfred Maxey
Edward Maxey
William Meaddor
Z. Medford
William Medley
James D. McKissock
James Maddox
Richard Middleton
John H. Milbern
Samuel Miles
Stephen Miles
R.A. Miller & Clarke
Sanders Mills
William Milner
Cyrus Mitchell
Al Montgomery
Bert G. Moore
James Moore
John Moore
John M. Moore
Samuel B. Moore
S.R. Moore
William H. Moore
William H. Mosley
Burkley Mullins
Uriah Nanney
Marvele Nash
Greenberry Neighbors
George Nelson
James Nelson
John Nelson
R.W. Nelson
Charles Nowlen
Charles Oneal
James Osbirn
Joel A. Osbirn
Benjamin Owen
W.M.M. Owen
Burel Parker
John Parses
Bradley Pate
Dorn Patton
G.W. Patton
John Patton
John Peacock
William Peacock
John Persons
William Picket
James Pierce
Joseph Pierce
William Pierce
Wolsey Pierce
John Priddy
John F. Priddy
Thomas Priddy
Jeremiah Prestage
Jonathan Prichard
Hiram Queen
Harrison Ragin
Joseph Ragin
Green B. Ray
Thomas Ray
Samuel Read
Jacob Reagon
John Reagon
Clinton Reynolds
John Richy
John C. Richy
Westley B. Richardson
Katharin Riddle
Anderson Ritter
Coalman Roberson
Mathew W. Roberson
Thomas E. Roberson
John Roberts
J. Robbins
Moses Robinson
Samuel Robinson
Alexander Rodgers 
Hugh Rodgers
John Rodgers
William J. Rodgers
Hugh Ross
John Royen
Allen Ruff
William Russell
James Samples
Claiboirne F. Seawood
Thomas Seler
Andreww P. Shannon
John M. Shannon
Samuel Shannon
Archibald Shaw
Daniel Shaw
Eli Shelley
Daniel Shempert
George Shempert
Henry Shempert
William Shurlock
Daniel H. Shufield
John Sides
P.A. Smith
Steven W. Smith
Hiram Spencer
Elija Spearman
John Spearman
John Spurgin
John Stafford
H.W. Stegall
Jonathan Stevens
Finas E. Steverson
John Steverson
Jerden Steward
John J. Stahl
H.C. Stockton
Robert D. Stockton
David Stovall
William Stovall
Moses Stratton
Henry Sullivan
John S. Sullivan
George Tankersly
Absolam Teague
C.W. Tear
Nathaniel Terry
Oil Thayre
E.G. Thomas
J.W. Thomas
P.G. Thomas
S.W. Thomas & Bros.
W.C. Thomas
 John Thomason
B.R. Thompson
Jackson Thompson
F.M. Thurlkill
Toomer & Copeland
Joshua Toomer
William Toomer
Eli Townsend
Eli M. Townsend
Jacob Towry
James Tribble
L.D. Turner
William Turner
Elisha Tyra
Samuel Vaughan
Nathaniel Vinson
Nelson Waldon
Allen Walker
F.E. Walker
John Walker
William Walker
John Wallis
Admiral Warren
Charles Warren
Isham J. Warren
Reuben Warren
James Weaks
William Webb
Samuel Webster
James West
Joel P. White
John White
Kelley White
James Whitesides
George Whitton
William J. Wilburn
Jacob Widener
Green B. Wilkerson
James D. Williams
John Williams
Isaac Williams
Samuel Williams
Owen Williams
John Willis
Isaac Willis
Henderson Wilson
Thomas H. Winkler
Benjamin Wise
William Wise
William D. Wise
Alfred Wiygel
A. Woodall
Joseph Woodall
James Woods
Henry Woolbrite
John I. Wooten
James C. Wright
John R. Wren
Thomas G. Wren
Reuben Wygle
Samuel Wylie
Michael Yerger
Woodson Young


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