Muster Roll of the Mississippi Yankee Hunters

Company K of the First Mississippi Regiment

The Mississippi Yankee Hunters, or Company K of the First Mississippi Regiment, consisted mostly of men from Itawamba County. The First Mississippi Regiment was organized at Corinth, Mississippi in April of 1861 for three years or duration of the war. There were 682 men in the regiment. The service included the following: At Hopkinsville, Ky, November 11, 1861; at Bowling Green and Columbia, Kentucky, October 8, 1861; Cleburn's Brigade, Buckner's Army Central Kentucky; at Battle of Fort Donelson and surrendered Feb 18, 1862; Exchanged and took part in Battle of Corinth. Subsequently the regiment was again captured at the Seige of Port Hudson; Attached to the Army of Tennessee, Featherston's Brigade, Loring's Division, Stewart's Corps and participated in the Georgia campaign under Johnson and followed Gen. Hood in his Tennessee campaign and took part in the Battles of Franklin and Nashville in December 1864.

Officers: J.C. Cook, captain; O.D. Hughes, 1st lieut.; C.E. Lester, 2nd lieut.; G.M. Durrett, 3rd lieut., died; F.G. Brown, 1st sgt.; Joel W. Rhyne, 2nd sgt.; M. Shelton, 3rd sgt.; J.W. Mitchell, 4th sgt.; J.J. Cunningham, 5th sgt.; R.S. Whitley, 1st corp.; T.B. Grimes, 2nd corp.; B.E. Ellis, 3rd corp.; G.W. Carothers, 4th corp., died.

G.W. Adams, * W.M. Barton G.F. Bailey J.K. Bruner
J.M. Bruner D.O. Cummings, * W.H. Carothers G.T. Dabhey
P.G. Duncan, ** G.M. Duncan R. Duncan, ** N.G. Durrett
D.H. Davis H.O. Erwin W.A. Earwood G.D. Ellis
W.D. Floyd G.A. Floyd H. Grist J.M. Grissom
H.S. Grissom H.B. Grissom H.G. Grissom F.M. Grammar
P. Herring J.O. Herring W.A. Hampton* __ Hampton**
A. Hopper D.C. Hughes J.B. Hughes G.J. Hancock
C. Leigh W.P. Langston A.J. McDonald G.W. Maxey
M.T. Morwin P.W. McCarty** H. Nanney M.H. Nanney
R.C. Payne H.S. Price G.B. Price B. Ratliff
F.W. Rhyne N.W. Reeves T. Hendrix S.S. Johnson
W.D. Johnson T. Justice* W. Joiner E.F. Jackson
A.J. Jacobs W.E. Lambert W.H. Leigh G.W. Leigh
W.B. Reeves E. Sheffield R.R. Shelton A.J. Sharp
J.A. Sims J. Sims J. Stephens Z.D. Stephens
R.O. Shields W.G. Taylor T.S. West W.N. Whitney
M.N. Whitney *=died **=discharged y



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