1850 Mortality Schedule: Itawamba County, Mississippi

Below is a list of deaths that occured in Itawamba County between 1 July 1849 and 30 June 1850

Allen, James B. 45 M S SC Jan Shot
Annon, Newton 1 mo. M S MS Apr Croup
Bailey, Adam 72 M S SC Apr ???
Ballis, William A. 9 mos. M S MS Oct Croup
Barrett, Amelia 67 F M SC Apr Cancer
Basham, Anderson 20 M S AL Mar Fever
Beard, Pleasant M. 40 M M TN Sep Unknown
Bell, James 63 M M SC Aug Pneumonia
Bennett, John 50 M M NC Dec Fever
Blake, Margaret 10 F S MS Mar Burned
Brown, Obediah 51 M M GA Mar Stabbed
Buchannon, Pithena 9 F S TN Dec Worms
Buford, William 60 M S NC Sep Fever
Buno, Frances 5 mos. F S MS Aug Fever
Burch, Martha A. 1 F S MS Nov Croup
Cathcart, Willis 1 mo. M S MS Jul Cholera
Cochran, Benj. 8 M S MS Jul Flux
Collins, Hinton 18 M S NC Feb Pneumonia
Craddock, Floyd 1 M S AL Aug Worms
Crawford, Moses 1 mo. M S MS Oct Diarrhea
Cronnorn, Lindsay 40 M S NC Sept Pulmonary
Davis, Margaret 5 F S MS Nov Fever
Franks, William 19 M S AL Jun Consumption
Freeman, Bridges 85 M S VA Mar Old Age
Galloway, Gena 61 F M NC Jul Consumption
Gatlin, Mary Ann 16 F S MS Sep Fever
Gedurin, Rebecca 40 F M GA Sep Fever
Gentry, Elijah B. 3 mos. M S MS Feb Croup
Gilstrap, James B. 9 M S MS May Fever
Green, Mary 36 F M VA Oct Childbirth
Green, Infant 1 mo. F S AR Oct Unknown
Harkness, James 25 M S GA Apr Accident
Harris, William 6 M S MS Sep Fever
Hartsell, Louisa N. 5 F S MS Jan Cold
Heidelberg,  J.H. 3 M S MS Dec Cholera Morbus
Hogard, Nancy 5 F S MS Sep Croup
Holcomb, Thos. J. 4 M S MS Mar Burned
Hopper, Van Buren 7 M S MS Oct Fever
Hough, Cora A. 2 F S MS Jul Flux
Huffman, James F. 2 mos. M S MS Feb Unknown
Hunt, Ruthy 28 F W AL Oct Fever
Hunt, William 28 M M SC Sep Fever
Jamison, Jas. K. 29 M M AL Apr Accident
Justice, Rebecca 3 F S MS Jul Diarrhea
Knowles, Zachary W. 3 mos. M S MS Apr Croup
Lynn, Sarah 9 F S AL Oct Chills
Lynn, Susannah 1 F S MS Aug Diarrhea
McCain, Wm. T. 6 mos. M S MS Jul Inflammation
McCarley, Frances 2 F S MS Oct Fever
McCarley, Mary 38 F M SC Sep Hemorrhage
Mabry, Harvey 1 M S MS Mar Croup
Melton, Isaac 28 M S NC Nov Ruptured
Mitchener, Elizabeth C. 20 F S AL Sep Fever
Moore, Susannah 67 F M KY Dec Erysipelas
Morfet, Elisha 2 M S AL Feb Croup
Morrow, Margaret 21 F S AL Jun Inflamation
Nelson, Penny 30 F M NC Apr Consumption
Morris, Francis N. 32 M S GA Jan ???
Patterson, Robert 5 mos. M S MS May Unknown
Peedin, William H. 30 M S TN Jan Diarrhea
Pettigrue, Une P. 37 F M SC Jun Childbirth
Rankin, M.E. 2 mos. F S MS Jul Flux
Robinson, Margaret 5 F S AL Oct Fever
Shumpert, Emily 7 F S MS Jan Pneumonia
Sneed, Nancy 6 mos. F S MS Jul Fever
Spencer, Ruth 9 F S MS Sep Fever
Stevens, Katherine 8 mos. F S MS Aug Whooping Cough
Tatum, John 50 M M GA Feb Bronchitis
Teague, Octavia 16 F S TN Sep Fever
Thomason, Elmer 12 M S AL Feb ???
Thompson, Mary 83 F S SC Dec Old Age
Thompson, Phillip 82 M S SC Oct Old Age
Tubbs, Samuel V. 1 M S MS Jun Diarrhea
Wall, Isabella 40 F M GA Jul Fever
Wallace, Malinda A. 2 F S MS May Fever
Wallace, Mary J. 2 F S MS Jun Brain
Walton, Elvina 30 F S SC Jun Fever
Williams, Margaret J. 2 F S MS Sep Fits
Williams, Nancy 14 F S NC Jan Pleurisy
Williams, Robert 12 M S AR Jul Cholera Inflammation
Wilson, Mary Ann 28 F M AL Jan Fever
Wilts, Sarah Ann 2 F S MS Jun Palsy
Womack, Wesly 11 M S AL Apr Unknown


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