Confederate Pensioners: 1925

Complete List of Pensioners for the year 1925 in Itawamba County, Mississippi

I, B.M. Pearce, Chancery Clerk of said County and State do hereby certify that the following named persons compose a true list of all pensioners in said County for said year who are entitled to draw a Confederate Pension under Chapter No. 333, Laws of 1924, as shown by records in my office:

Class 1
Dickerson, W.W.
Griffin, A.V.

Class 2 Soldiers and Sailors
Blanton, W.N.
Dulaney, Gibb
East, B.R.
Grissom, H.N.
Gilmore, W.E.
Googe, E.R.
Hamby, William Allen
Melton, Elijah
Mears, E.J.
Morgan, S.G.
Murphy, H.H.
Nabors, Robert W.
Powell, Joseph H.
Powell, John H.
Robinson, J.O.
Reich, J.C.
Sprayberry, F.M.
Steele, Wm.
Waters, W.F.
Wiygul, A.M. Sr.
Wallace, J.H.

Class 2 Widows (Totally Blind)
Morrow, Mary

Class 4 Widows (Prorate)
Booker, Sarah
Brassell, Nancy C.
Bowen, Martha A.
Bailey, Mary L.
Beachum, Rhoda
Bean, Nancy J.
Crump, Martha
Chambliss, Sarah E.
Cauthern, N.N.
Cooper, Emma
Chamblee, Rissa
Cockrell, Jane
Cromeans, Sarah J.
Cook, S.F.
Conwill, Sarah E.
Elliot, E.A.
Edwards, Nancy
Friday, Sarah J.
Ferguson, Eliza J.
Grissom, Francis L.
Gibbs, Margaret
Green, Emily
Gilley, M.E.
Gillentine, M.E.
Green, Nancy J.
Foister, Mrs. John Davis
Goddard, Mary J.
Gurley, Sallie B.
Gregory, Ella
Gaddy, Martha J.
Gilliland, Susan
Hinds, Sarah J.
Howell, Lydia
Haire, Mattie
Hughes, Mollie
Hargett, R.W.
Johnson, L.V.
Johnson, Dollie
Kennedy, L.C.
King, P.C.
Lauderdale, N.A.
Lawson, Martha J.
Leech, E.R.

Maxcy, Sallie
Martin, Rebecca
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth
Melton, N.M.
Meadows, Annie E.
Moore, Melissa
Morse, Adeline
McMillen, Dicie C.
McFadden, R.C.
Nanney, Eliza F.
Pearce, Mary A.
Parker, Nancy
Pearce, S.E.
Phillips, Minerva
Rea, Mary A.N.
Robinson, V.A.
Reeves, N.J.
Steele, Sarah
Stevens, Marguerette E.
Samples, Marinda
Senter, Judie M.
Smith, Elmina
Stemphill, F.E.
Thomas, Jennie
Tomlin, Mary
Taylor, B.F.
Underwood, S.A.
Walker, Lucinda
Wheeler, Josephine
Wilburn, Mrs. N.G.
Young, E.A.
Young, Sarah P.

Class 4 Soldiers and Sailors
Allen, Dave
Barnes, W.P.
Boyd, J.N.
Benson, J.F.
Beam, W.P.
Bean, C.W.
Cain, J.C.
Carruthers, W.H.
Cates, John C.
Durrett, D.W.
Ferguson, James W.
Grady, N.A.
Grimes. H.
Hutson, J.F.
Holley, R.
Ingle, E.M.
Lentz, J.W.
Mullins, M.M.
Morse, John W.
McFerrin, J.D.
Anderson, A.L.
Hargett, Jas.
Sheffield, William S.
Mink, J.T.
Moore, W.S.
Newell, W.J.
Senter, R.T.
Sims, G.R.
Wigington, Isaac R.
Wigington, J.T.
Webb, J.R.
Waddle, W.O.
Wedgeworth, W.H.
McMaster, T.C.
Robinson, M.D.

Given under my hand
and seal of Office this the 3rd
day of December 1924.
B.M. Pearce
Chancery Clerk



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