James Creek Volunteers 
Company H - First Mississippi Regiment

Jeremiah Ferguson, Captain
George B. Dyer, 1st Lieut.
John M. Sallis, 2nd Lieut.
James H. Harder, 3rd Lieut.
James K. White, 1st Serg'nt.
William J. Sallis, 2nd Serg'nt
Elias D. Sallis, 3rd Serg'nt
William M. White, 4th Serg'nt
Marion E. Kennedy, 5th Serg'nt
David L. Menderson, 1st Cor'l
William H. Sullivan, 2nd Cor'l
Jesse J. Clay, 3rd Cor'l
Reuben J. Kennedy, 4th Cor'l


William H. Allen Henry F. Booth William A. Booth
John W. Booth Rufus Bailey William R. Bowling
Jacob H. Cody Jasper J. Clay John C. Clay
James M. Clay Mitchell Crouch William H. Crouch
George G. Crouch James E. Cook George H. Evans
Louis H.C. Gilliland Joseph J. Harder Samuel Henderson
Ingle Emery Marshall Johnson John J. Jurrus
William M. Kennedy E.M. Kennedy E.M. Kennedy
W. Lunn James Columbus C. Littleton Joseph W. Leech
Coleman C. McNeece William McNeece James McNeece
John B. Miller John C. Nelson George M. Nelson
Jonathan Plunkett Daniel Pierce Young H. Patterson
John M. Roberson John E. Roberson Samuel Summerford
Andrew Stafford William H. Suggs James H. Sullivan
John W. Sullivan James W. Sullivan James F. Shannon
James Thomas John W. Thomas Joseph S. Vernon
John Wigginton William Wigginton Calvin Wigginton
William Wigginton William H. Walker John C. Weaver
James M. Young y y


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