Lewis Johnson Estate Packet: 1860

Biographical Notes

Lewis Johnson was born about 1816 in North Carolina. He was the son of Solomon Johnson. The Johnson family immigrated to Itawamba County during the early 1840s from Cherokee County, Alabama along with the Barnett, Woodward and Buse families. They settled an area on the Natchez Trace near present-day Friendship Church in what is now Lee County. These families were all related by marriage. Lewis Johnson died December 16, 1860.


This indenture made and entered into this 7th day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Eight between William Patton, clerk and commissioner as hereinafter mentioned of the first part and Lewis Johnson of the County of Itawamba and State of Mississippi ... by virtue of a Decree of the Chancery Court of the State of Mississippi at Fulton, pronounced at the March Term 1858 ... the case of Francis Childs etal against Jesse B. Johnson etal the above named William Patton on the 7th day of June 1858 in front of the courthouse in the town of Fulton ... sell the following described property to wit: the north half of Section 13 of Township No. Seven of Range No. Six East of the Basis Meredian of the Chickasaw Cession, whereupon Lewis Johnson, the party of the second part became the purchaser ... for the sum of Thirteen Hundred and Forty Four Dollars for which sum he executed his bonds with John Adams and William Barnett as sureties ...

William Patton
Clerk and Commissioner


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

Probate Court December Term 1860
To the Hon. E.W. Bryan, Judge of the Probate Court

The petition of John Q. Adams respectfully state and show unto your Hon. that Lewis Johnson, a citizen of your county departed this life intestate or or about the 16th day of December 1860 leaving a considerable real and personal estate consisting of 6 Negroes, a lot of cattle, hogs, pork and stock hogs, mules, horses &c and a considerable growing crop consisting of corn, fodder &c and considerable unsettled business &c and the widow of said Lewis Johnson has relinquished ... her right to administer in favor of your petitioner John Q. Adams and requests that he be appointed administrator and that letters be granted to him ... the said intestate left a widow and 6 children or heirs entitled to a distributive share of said estate which are as follows to wit: Telitha, the wife of your petitioner who departed this life leaving one child John W.C. Adams, Lusindy wife of  F. Lucas and Elizabeth, Martha Jane, Susana, and a young child unnamed...


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

The undersigned widow of Lewis Johnson late of said county deceased would state unto your honor that her said husband departed this life intestate and that she relinquishes her right to administer of said estate in favor of John Q. Adams and requests your honor to grant unto him Letters of Administration on said Estate.

20th December 1860
Mary Johnson


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Jan. Term 1861

The petition of J.Q. Adams respectfully states and shows unto your hon. that Lewis Johnson departed this life ... leaving a widow and six children and that your petitioner was at the last term of this court appointed admin. of said deceased's estate and that there is a considerable real estate consisting of cultivatible land, more than the widow of said estate can cultivate ... respectfully asks your hon. for an order to rent said land as such part as the said widow will not cultivate ...

J.L. Finley
Atty for Petitioner


State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

May Term 1861

The petition of Mary Johnson a citizen of said county would represent unto your Honor that she is the widow of Lewis Johnson late of said county deceased who died siezed and possessed of the following lands towit : the north half of Section Thirteen in Township No. Seven of Range No. Six East ... that her said husband Lewis Johnson departed this life in the month of December AD 1860 in said county where he had usually dwelt next before his death ... possessed of the following towit: one framed dwelling house in an unfinished state, smokehouse, kitchen, Negro cabin and stables ... prays to your Honor that her dower be allotted her ...

Mary Johnson
Owen and Owen for Petitioner


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

To the sheriff of said county... we command you to cite P.L. Lucas and his wife Lucinda Lucas, Elizabeth Johnson, Martha J. Johnson, Susanah Johnson, Lewis L. Johnson and J.W. C. Adams to appear before the Probate Court ... the fourth Monday of June next 1861, then and there to answer the petition of  Mary Johnson for dower.

Eli Phillips


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

Probate Court
April Term 1864

Petitioner represents that John Q. Adams, now deceased was administrator of the estate of Lewis Johnson ... that petitioner  from best information thinks said estate to be worth about $3,000, petitioner prays your Hon. to grant him letters of Administration ...

W.C. Adams


W.C. Adams, Adminst. witht he Estate of Lewis Johnson, Deceased. February 23, 1866

March 10 1864
Cash received in Confederate Treasury Notes in old Issue $909.00

May 30 1864
By Discount on $909.00 at 33 1/3 percent $303.00
Confederate War Taxes for 1864 $240.00
Interest on County Treasury Notes: $110.00
Account of Martin Maddox $12.80
Interest on Same: $3.85
Account in favor Martin Maddox 47.97
Interest on Same $14.40

February 23 1866
Bal. due ont he Estate in Confederate Notes: $176.98

Inventory of Notes and Accounts due the Estate of Lewis Johnson, deceased, delivered to me, W.C. Adams March 16 1864

March 1 1862
Richard Brewer, doubtful condition $14.00
Jonathan Woodard $2,707.00
John M. Boren $15.65
Singleton Hughes $42.94
P.W. Lucas $14.50
Wm. Barnett $11.25
Singleton Hughes $1015.00
Thos. Duke $32.55
B.L. Owens $40.00
B.L. Owens $51.10
Thos. Selman $7.00
Thos. Sanders $14.15
L.J. Copeland $10.15
H.M. Grissom $22.25
Wm. Cummings $47.40
W.H. Nanney $105.00
Berry Stickling, doubtful condition $30.75

Cash on Hand in Confederate Treasury Notes of the First Issue $909.00 March 10 1864

Sworn to and subscribed before me Febrary 26th 1866
Eli Phillips, Clerk


Administrators Sale
...I will on the first of November next proceed to sell at Public Auction at the late Residence of LEWIS JOHNSON, Deceased the following described lands belonging to the Estate of said Lewis Johnson towit .. The south half of the northwest quarter, also one hundred and thirty acres of the northeast quarter of Section 13, Township 7, Range 6. Also the Northwest quarter of Section 8, Township 7, Range 7 ... to payt he debts of said decedent the terms of sale will be one third payable on the first day of March 1862. The balance payable twelve months from day of sale ...
John Q. Adams


State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

To the sheriff of said county, greeting: We command you to cite Lucinda Lucas, Elizabeth Davis and Susan Johnson, to be and appear before the probate court of Itawamba County ... on the Fourth Monday of March 1866 ... to answer the petition of Wm. H. Tison for Letters of Administration on the said estate of Lewis Johnson, Dec'd.

Issued, this the 26th day of February 1866
Eli Phillips, Clerk


Administrators Sale
By virtue of an order of the Probate Court of Itawamba County made at the July Term thereof 1867 I will on Saturday the 24th day of August 1867 at Guntown, Lee County, proceed to sell to the highest bidder for cash One house and lot situated in the town of Guntown as the property of J.G. ___ also the NW 1/4 Section 18 T& R7 in Lee County as the property of Lewis Johnson, Deceased.

Sale within legal hours.

J.V. Thomas, Sheriff


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

to the Sheriff of Lee County, Greeting

We command you to cite Mary Johnson (widow), Lucinda Lucas and her husband S.P. Lucas, Martha J. Johnson, Susan Johnson and John W. C. Adams, minor heirs at law of Lewis Johnson, dec'd. to appear before the probate court of Itawamba County ... on the 4th Monday of Sept. 1868 to answer the petition of John V. Thomas, sheriff & adm. to sell land to pay debts....

David Johnson


State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

August Term 1868

The petition of John V. Thomas, Admn. of the estate of Lewis Johnson, dec'd respectfully shows that the personal estate of said ecedent is insufficient to pay the debts that have been exhibited against said estate.  ... and obtained from the said ebtor the SE 1/4 Sec. 33, T7, R6 East ... and your petitioner shows taht it is necessary to sell said land in order to pay said debts. ... the decendent left surviving him and who are now living Mary Johnson, his widow, Lucinday Lucas and her husband L.P. Lucas, Elizabeth Davis and her husband ___ Davis, Martha Jane Johnson, Susannah Johnson and John W.C. Adams, the said Elizabeth Davis and her husband are non residents of this state and the said John W.C. Adams isa minor under 21 years of age ...

John V. Thomas



Sale Bill of the Estate of  Lewis Johnson, dec'd. by J.Q. Adams, Admn. March 1st 1861

B.L. Owen: 500 lbs. pork, 227 lbs. heads, 118 lbs. lard, 120 lbs. pork, 1 yoke of oxen bid off by H.S. Price

Wm. Durham: 227 lbs. pork

Elijah Oliver: 46 lbs. dry hides

Owen Lucas: 539 lbs. pork

Thomas McDonald: 535 lbs. pork

J.A. Hughes: 440 lbs. pork

Singleton Hughes: 1622 lbs. pork, 500 lbs. pork, 150 lbs. lard, 120 lbs. lard, 1 pair gear, 8 bushels wheat, 1 Negro girl named Jane by note J.A. Hughes and J. Woodard, security

L.P. Lucas: 321 lbd. pork, 1 sow and pigs, by note Wm. Harwell, security

Wm. J. Smith: 1 Negro woman, Gillie and 2 children by note with S.D. Smith and Nancy Smith, security

J.H. Nanny: 1 sorrel horse bid off by Floyd by note W.P. Nanny security

E.G. Thomas: 2 harrows, 1 box irons

H.W. Bates: 1 pair balances

Jas. M. Boren: 1 broad axe

H.M. Grissom: 1 cow and calf, 1 bobtail steer, by note, W.O. Grissom, security

Dan Green: 1 plow harrow, 1 cotton plow, 4 hoes, 7 augers, 1 yoke of oxen, 1 shovel plow, by note J.R. Williams and J. Barnett, security

A. Boren: 1 turning shovel plow, 1 hoe, and bull tongue, 1 pair sheep shears, 1 hiefer, plows, harrow, 1 cultivator and singleton, by note J.M. Boren, security

Labon Thomas: a lot of hoop iron

Wm. Barnett (name listed as William Buse in the Sale Bill): 1 yellow cow and calf

L.J. Copeland: 7 sheep by note S. Hughes, security

J.R. Williams: 1/2 interest of 1 sow

Dr. Thos. Selman: 1 mill

T.A. Sanders: 650 bundles fodder by note J.Q. Adams, security

W.H.H. Tison: 1 mule colt

Jas. Betts: 1 mule, 1 sorrel horse

R.G. Bruner: 1 sow and pigs by note Wm. Cummings & Berry Stickland, security

Wm. Weems: 1 turning plow, 1 shovel, 1 sow by note J.A. Hughes, security

Robt. Rice: 1 pair plow gear

A.B. Price: 1 spade, grub hoe and wedge, 3 hoes and brug hoe bid off by H.S. Price

Wm. Duke: 1 wagon and log chain by note  J. Woodard, security

Wm. Cummiungs: 1 bull, 1 heifer, 2 hiefers, 1 bull, 1 bull, 1 red heifer, 1 bull, by note W. Nanny and F.M. McWhorter

End of Sale List



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