Itawamba County, Mississippi 1838 State Tax List

The following represents some of the first families in Itawamba County, Mississippi to pay personal property taxes. This tax list supplements the 1840 Federal Census, as the reader will learn that many of the families were in Itawamba County well before 1840. When doing a search be sure to use all variations of name.
Wright Acock
S.L. Adams
Christopher Allen
Lebra Allen
Zachariah Allen
Thompson G. Baites
Thomas D. Baker
Samuel Barker
James T. Barnard
Joshua S. Barnard
George Barnett
J. Barnett
Joseph Barnett
J.W. Barrett
Saml. W. Barrett
John Baylee
Thomas Baylee
John Beacham
Hamilton Beene
Isaac Beene
John Beene
Lemuel Beene
Robert Beene
Russell O. Beene
William Beene
A.W. Begham
John O. Bell
Lemuel Bell
George Bennak
David Bennett
John Bennett
Samuel P. Blake
Blakly & Downs
William Blakely
John Blaylock
Levi Blevas
Andrew Bly
John Boles
Joseph Boles
James S. Bourland
Melis H. Boyd
Jesse Bradley
James Bromley
John Brown
William Bryant
Elizah Bullen
John Burdine
Charles Burgess
John Burns
Isaac Burns
Samuel J. Butler
Henry Byford
H.L. Carter
Irvin Carter
Samuel R. Carter
Sanford Carter
William Carter
John K. Chilcoat
Thomas E. Chilcoat
Parthena Christian
D.F. Clark & Co.
Duncan Clarke
Joseph Clarke
John Clayton
John Clifton
William Coats
J.H. Cohorn
Lewis Collins
Samuel S. Colven
M.L. Comings
Joseph G. Conwill
Ambrose Cook
Evans Cook
Hiram Cook
John Cook
Peter Cook
Samuel Cook
Elizah G. Coons
Hawkins Cooper
William Cooper
G.W. Coopwood & Co.
Lemuel J. Copeland
John M. Cox
Abner Cromeans
Asa Cromeans
John Cromeans
W.D. Crosby
Hightower Crowson
John Davis
John Day
Pleasant B. Downing
Isaac M. Downs
William Downs
Allen Driver
Alexander Dugger
John Duggar
William Duke
William Duke Sr.
John Dulaney
Gilbert Dulaney
Alfred Dulaney
Elisha Dunn
John Dyre
Thomas H. Dyre
William Easley
Daniel Edington
Isaac W. Edwards
Jonathan Elliott
Adonajah Elkin
John T. Ellis
William Emry
Markis Enlow
Joseph Evans
James Falkenburry
Nathaniel Farrow
David Files
Manley Files
Manely D. Files
William & David Files
William H. Files
Edwin Foster
T.J. Foster
Jeremiah Franks
David Franklin
Lewis Fretwell
Reuben Friday
John Gains
John Gann
John Tatlan
R. W. Gelliland
William E. Gentry
Lemuel George
Richard Guess
Giddeon & Robbins
John Gideon
Lewis H. Gideon
Edward Givens
Charles Gorden
Charles F. Gorden
Malekiah Grayham
Peter Grayham
Jacob Green
P.W. Green
Absolem Greene
Howell Greene
Malakiah Greene
Joseph Griffen
William J. Griffin
Stephen A. Hale
Richard Hall
William Hall
Thomas Harber
John Harden
Newel A. Hargroves
William Hargroves
Joseph P. Harkness
Elizah Harress
John Harress
Benj. B. Harrison
Barnabas Harriss
David Harris
Middleton Harrisson
John Hays
Jonathan Helms
James Henderson
John Henderson
A.J. Higgins
Benjamin Hill
Thompson Hill
Alexander Hitson
A.F. Holcomb
Hardy H. Holcomb
James L. Holcomb
M.B.J. Holcomb
James Holf
George Holt
Robert Hood
John Hoof
James Hooper
Nicholas Horn
Benj. F. Horton
William Houston
J.P. Ingerman
Harvey Jameson
Anthony Johnson
George Johnson
Hardon Johnson
John J. Johnson
Richard Johnson
Sidney Johnson
William Johnson
Jowers & Holcomb
Alfred Kinady
Andrew Kinady
Nicholas King
William King
Benjamin Kemp
William Kuykendall
James W. Kyle
William Landerham
A.G. Lane
Jacob Lee
Jefferson C. Lee
Samuel Lessley
B.L. Lincy
James Lincy
Hollen Lincy
William C. Lincy
Josiah Lindsy
Hillard Linsy
John Livingston
Benjamin Long
Edward Long
John Long
John B. Long
Squire Long
William E. Long
John McKay
William McGonegal
Martin McMahan
James McNeese
Thomas McNese
Greene Madox
Thomas Madox
Martin English & Co.
James May
Sugar Mayfield
Willam Mays
Zachariah Medford
William Medly
William Millinner
Saunders Mills
Edward W. Moore
Elijah Moore
John Moore
John Moore
Stephen Moore
Burkly Mullens
Uriah Nanny
Marvel Nash
James Nelson
Robert Nelson
Thomas Newton
Ransom Nichols
C.M. Nolen
Elizah Oldridge
William M. Owen
Arthur Pare
Bradley Pate
Doran Patton
George W. Patton
John Patton
Alfred Peacock
William Peacock
Joseph Pearce
Woolsey Peirce
___ Penny
James O. Priddy
John F. Priddy
Thomas Priddy
William Priddy
James Priest
William Priest
J. Pritchard
William Puket
William Purce
John Purser
Moses Purser
William Purser
Hiram Queen
Greenberry Ray
Harrison Reagan
Joseph Reagan
Charles Rector
John Reed
James Reese
John Reiher
C.B. Reynolds
G.G. Reynolds
Wesley B. Richardson
William Richburgh
____ Riggor
John Riggor
Anderson Ritter
J.C. Roads
Wesley Roads
John Roberts
Matthew Robertson
Samuel Robertson
Thomas Robertson
William Robertson
Jeptha Robins
Alexander Rogers
Hugh Rogers
Huriah Rogers
John Rogers
Joseph Rogers
William J. Rogers
Allen Ruff
William Russell
Nathaniel Saunders
Solomon Saunders
Andrew P. Shannon
Everett Sheffield
Daniel Shumperd
George Shumperd
Henry Shumperd
Abraham Simmons
Samuel Skinner
Stephen W. Smith
Sterling Smith
Allen Sneed
John Spearman
Elizah Spearman
Peter Spiner
John Stafford
John I. Stall
Armstrong Stegall & Co.
Henry W. Steegall
S.D. Steegall
Solomon Steegall
John Stephenson
Jonathan Stevens
Duncan Steward
James Steward
Harrison Stockton
John Stockton
Robert D. Stockton
William B. Stockton
David Stovall
Henry Sulliven
John Sulliven
George Tanksirly
S. Taylor
Nathaniel Terry
Isaac Tharp
Oil Thayre
F.M. Thirlkill
E.G. Thomas
Ezekeil Thomas
Jerimiah W. Thomas
Pleasant G. Thomas
John Thomason
Toomer & Copeland
Joshua Toomer
William Toomer
Jacob Towery
Eli Townsend
E.M. Townsend
James Trdill
Silas R. Tribble
William B. Tubb
Thomas Turner
William Turner
Jesse Tyre
John Uing
Lewis W. Uttermel
Samuel Vaughn
Nathaniel Vincent
Nelson Walden
A.W. Walker
F.E. Walker
John Walker
William B. Walker
Admiral Warren
Charles Warren
Isham J. Warren
Reuben Warren
James West
Stephen Weatherford
Hiram Webb
William Webb
William Webbe
Peter Weeks
John B. Welch
William I. Wellborn
Joel White
William White
William White
James Whitesides
Isaac Williams
James Williams
John Williams
Owen Williams
Samuel Williams
Isaac Willis
John Willis
David Wilson
Thomas H. Winkler
Benjamen Wise
Henry Wise
William Wise
William Wise Jr.
Joseph Woolbright
John R. Wren
Thomas G. Wren
James C. Wright
Franklin Wright
Alfred Wygel
Reuben Wygel
John Wylie
Samuel Wylie


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