Civil War Veterans: 1910

Enumerated in the 1910 Federal Census

This list includes Name of Veteran, location of residence, age, birthplace and type of service.

George Abney Oakland 83 SC Confederate
Dave Allen Copeland 63 SC Confederate
William Y. Allen 4th. District 88 MS Confederate
Samuel M. Alved Greenwood 68 AL Confederate
George Bailey Mantachie 76 MS Confederate
Morgan Barnes Bounds 61 NC Confederate
William P. Barnes Greenwood 67 SC Union
Samuel T. Beam Copeland 62 GA Confederate
T. Bennett Mantachie 80 NC Confederate
Winfield Black Greenwood 72 SC Confederate
Henry F. Booth 4th. District 70 AL Confederate
William Bostick Pineville 65 GA Union
Dave Braden Oak Grove 69 AL Confederate
Colbert Bean Cardsville 63 MS Confederate
George Bean Cardsville 65 MS Confederate
John A. Bean Cardsville 70 MS Confederate
David C. Brewer Cardsville 67 AL Confederate
Daniel G. Broughman Greenwood 65 VA Confederate
W.H. Carothers Mantachie 72 MS Confederate
Levick Carpenter Pleasanton 74 NC Confederate
John A. Chamblee Bounds 64 NC Confederate
Thomas F. Christian Greenwood 81 AL Confederate
William L. Cleveland Kirkville 77 GA Confederate
S. Comer Fawn Grove 72 SC Confederate
Isac B. Conwill Bounds 64 MS Confederate
Andy Cummings Kirkville 72 TN Confederate
George W. C___s Kirkville 63 MS Confederate
William W. Dickinson Carolina 67 AL Confederate
A. Dulany Pleasanton 65 MS Confederate
Gib Dulany Fulton 57 MS Confederate
James J. Duncan Cardsville 66 MS Confederate
B.R. East Kirkville 62 AL Confederate
John G. Elliott 4th District 66 SC Confederate
Thomas J. Foster 4th District 72 AL Confederate
William Franks Mantachie 70 AL Union
William Friday Tremont 74 MS Confederate
Jim K. Gann Fulton 66 AL Confederate
James W. Gassaway Greenwood 84 SC Confederate
Ben M. Gibbs Tremont 70 TN Confederate
John M. Gilmer Lowery 68 MS Confederate
Wells Gilmon Cardsville 76 MS Confederate
Thomas O. Gist Kirkville 83 KY Confederate
Nat A. Grady Tremont 62 AL Confederate
James M. Green Carolina 64 MS Confederate
Nudan A. Green Cardsville 74 MS Confederate
Henry Gregory Fawn Grove 70 MS Confederate
Aaron V. Griffin Cardsville 76 MS Confederate
H. Grimes Mantachie 65 MS Confederate
George W. Grissom Oak Grove 75 AL Confederate
Hiram Grissom Oak Grove 69 AL Confederate
Isac R. Grissom Pineville 75 NC Confederate
Jefferson Hairston 4th District 70 GA Confederate
Nathaniel Hale Oakland 75 TN Confederate
Sam Hall Tremont 63 MS Confederate
John Harbin Pineville 70 GA Confederate
Richard Harden Fulton 81 SC Confederate
James A. Hargett Tremont 69 AL Confederate
Jason H. Hargett Pineville 63 GA Confederate
Lee M. Harris 4th Districdt 69 AL Confederate
James R.P. Hasket 4th District 65 AL Confederate
Thomas W. Hiden Tremont 69 GA Confederate
Richard Holley Bounds 63 MS Confederate
James J. Howell Pineville 68 GA Confederate
John Hussy Greenwood 70 MS Confederate
James T. Hutson Tremont 64 MS Confederate
Emery M. Ingle Tremont 67 MS Confederate
Ephraim Johnson Fulton 66 TN Confederate
W.R. Johnson Pleasanton 66 AL Confederate
William W. Johnson Kirkville 79 AL Confederate
Charles Justice Fulton 64 GA Confederate
William T. Justice Fulton 66 GA Confederate
Malcum Kennedy 4th District 73 AL Confederate
Charlie C. Knight Bigby Fork 70 TN Confederate
Andrew D. Leech 4th District 67 MS Confederate
Jefford B. Little Carolina 66 AL Confederate
William H. Marks Oakland 76 GA Confederate
Duke A. Martin Greenwood 75 SC Confederate
Virgial B. Maxey Bounds 63 MS Confederate
George McCantes Kirkville 65 GA Confederate
Thomas N. McMaster Greenwood 62 MS Confederate
James R. McMillen Greenwood 79 SC Confederate
Louis D. McNiece 4th District 68 MS Confederate
Erb Mears Mantachie 70 MS Confederate
William J. Melton Oak Grove 66 GA Confederate
Henry Miller Tremont 85 MS Confederate
James Mink Pineville 73 AL Confederate
George W. Moore 4th District 74 MS Confederate
John W. Moore Fulton 62 MS Confederate
William H. Moore Greenwood 83 MS Confederate
William S. Moore Greenwood 63 MS Confederate
J.W. Morse Mantachie 75 SC Confederate
William M. Morse Greenwood 70 SC Confederate
George W.C. Mullins Carolina 75 MS Confederate
Thomas S. Mullins Carolina 67 MS Confederate
H.H. Murphy Sr. Fawn Grove 70 TN Confederate
Luke Nix Kirkville 73 AL Confederate
Elias A. Palmer Fulton 79 AL Confederate
Richard H. Pear Fulton 63 GA Confederate
Hiram J. Pierce Cardsville 77 MS Confederate
John H. Powell Cardsville 66 AL Confederate
Henry Randolph Kirkville 74 MS Confederate
William H. Reese Fulton 64 GA Confederate
Matthew D. Robinson 4th District 68 MS Confederate
John O. Robison Pineville 73 SC Confederate
Thedore B. Rock Fulton 63 VT Union
John W. Rogers Fulton 68 MS Confederate
Elias D. Sallis 4th District 77 AL Confederate
John Samples Bounds 65 MS Confederate
James K.P. Scott New Salem 64 AL Confederate
Robert F. Senter Fulton 67 MS Confederate
William Sheffield Greenwood 66 AL Confederate
John Shumpert Bigby Fork 69 MS Confederate
John F. Spence Tremont 71 AL Confederate
W.B. Spradling Mantachie 80 AL Confederate
Bud Sprayberry Tremont 71 AL Confederate
Joshua T. Steel Pleasanton 65 GA Confederate
Jonathan Stevens Carolina 85 AL Confederate
Ed Stewart Kirkville 66 TN Confederate
Alexander Stone Tremont 64 AL Confederate
Henry Stone Tremont 75 AL Confederate
Pink Stone Tremont 74 AL Confederate
John W. Tabler Kirkville 64 MS Confederate
William D. Tynes Kirkville 72 AL Confederate
James M. Walker Fulton 66 AL Confederate
John H. Walker Fulton 67 MS Confederate
Andy B. West Pleasanton 66 MS Confederate
James H. Wheeler Fulton 64 TN Confederate
Henry William White Fulton 67 MS Confederate
James L. White Pineville 63 GA Confederate
John H. Whitten Tremont 65 MS Confederate
James C. Williams Copeland 73 SC Confederate
Jepho R. Williams Carolina 64 AL Confederate
John Williams Bounds 82 AL Confederate
William S. Williamson Bounds 76 AL Confederate
Tranny Wiygle Fulton 68 MS Confederate
Amos M. Wiygul Cardsville 69 MS Confederate
John W. Woolbright Pineville 65 AL Confederate
William M. Wylie 4th District 67 AL Confederate
Randall W__me Greenwood 74 SC Confederate


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