Mary Jackson Estate Packet: 1853

Biographical Notes

Mary Jackson was born during 1802 in Georgia and was the wife of Henry Jackson (son of Enoch Jackson and Nancy Moore and grandson of Isaac and Mary Jackson of Hancock County, Georgia). Henry Jackson, along with his father's family, immigrated to Itawamba County from Georgia about 1840. He was a charter member of the Mantachie Creek Baptist Church where he served as the church clerk until his death in1844. Henry and Mary Jackson were the parents of the following children: Nancy (married James Calvin Gilstrap), Mary Ann (married Thomas Asbury Turner), Enoch T, Henry, Emeline (married David Bennett), Stephen, Margaret (married William Mallett) and John W. Henry and Mary Jackson's farm was located west of Mantachie Creek in the Ratliff community in present-day Lee County. They also owned 120 acres of land on the Tombigbee River at the town of West Fulton. Mary Jackson died during the year of 1853.


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Probate Court
December Term 1853

The petition of Thomas A. Turner showeth unto your honor that Mary Jackson, late of the county and state aforesaid, has lately deceased, leaving a small personal and real estate amounting in value to about the sum of Four Thousand dollars, on which no administration has been granted. That it is now important that administration now be granted on the same. Your petitioner further shows thathe is the son-in-law of decedant and as such in virtue of his wife a legatee of said estate .... that decedant died intestate leaving no will so far as your petitioner is informed and believes. That the other ligatees of said estate are willing for your petitioner to administer the estate ... prays to your honor to grant the letters of administration on said estate, on him qualifying according to law and your petitioner offers James C. Gilstrap and D. Ratliff as securities on his official hand. Your petitioner further suggests that A.C. Tatum and Everet Shuffield be appointed appraisers of said estate ...

Thomas A. Turner


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
April Term AD 1855

Honorable A.S. Warren, Judge of the Probates

The undersigned petitioners show to your honor that Mary Jackson, late of said county, departed this life intestate. That said intestate died siezed and possessed in fee of the north half of Section Twenty Two Township Eight of Range Seven. One Hundred and Twenty acres of the southwest quarter of Section twenty seven Township Nine Range Eight East situated int he state and county aforesaid.That said intestate left surviving her Stephen and Margaret her children, heirs at law and minors of said ... for whom James Betts was by order of this court appointed and qualified guardian ... the quality and condition of such land and the number of heirs, it cannot be advantagiously divided ... that the land be sold on a credit, one half of the purchase money to be paid in one and the remainder in two years from the day of the sale and the proceeds of the sale divided among your petitioners ...

James Betts
John W. Jackson
D.L. Bennett
W.E. Bennett
W.H. Jackson
E.F. Jackson
J.C. Gilstrap
N.D. Gilstrap
Thos. A. Turner
M.E. Turner


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Probate Court
July Term 1856

Hon. A.S. Warren, Judge

The undersigned administrator of the estate of Mary Jackson, dec'd. begs leave to report that in accordance with a decree of the honorable court ... on the first Monday of October offered for sale at the place designated, southwest quarter of Section Twenty Seven, Township Nine, Range Eight east, except that portion laid off in  town lots in West Fulton, and Elizabeth Sims became the purchaser being the highest and best bidder at the price of Four hundred dollars ... the north half of Section Twenty two, Township Eight Range Seven East and S.H. Henderson became the purchaser being the highest and best bidder at the price of Nine Hundred twelve dollars ... your petitioner asks that said sales be in all things confirmed...

T.A. Turner, admn.
A.R. Bullard, atty.


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Probate Court May Term 1869

To the Sheriff of Lee County
You are commanded ... to cite James Betts, guardian for Margaret Jackson, now Margret Mallett to be and appear before the Probate Court of said county on the 4th Monday of June next 1869 at the courthouse in the Town of Fulton to answer the  petition of W. Mallett and his wife Margret Mallett, formerally Margret Jackson, for a settlement and show cause if any you can why settlement of said guardianship should not be made....

J.G. Conwill, Judge of said Court, the 4th Monday of May AD 1869

Issued May 28, 1869
S.J. Thomas, Probate Clerk


Mary Jackson Estate Sale
February 3, 1854

R.G. Booth: 1 shovel plow and stock
D.N. Cayce: 1 plow and shingle tree
R. Wiggle: 1 plow and shingle tree
W.D. Clifton: 1 sweep plow
W.D. Clifton: 1 bull tongue plow
N.J. Duncan: 1 wedge
J. Sanders: 1 wedge
R.G. Booth: 1 wedge
D.N. Cayce: 2 bridles
W.D. Clifton: 1 axe
W.D. Clifton: 1 axe
J.W. Jackson: 1 axe
N.J. Duncan: 1 hoe
G. Grimes: 1 hoe
U. Nanney: sundries
D.N. Cayce: 3 baskets
J.W. Jackson: 1 spinning wheel
J. Cooper: 1 wheel
J. Files: 3 barrells
J. Files: 1 padlock
J.W. Jackson: 1 reel
T.A. Turner: 1 tub
J.W. Jackson: : 1 pair of pot hooks
J.W. Jackson: 1 pot
D. Morrow: 1 pair styl____
T.A. Turner: 1 barrel and slider
J.W. Jackson: 1 skillet and lid
J.W. Jackson: 1 oven
J.W. Jackson: 1 frying pan
J.W. Jackson: 1 lot of castings
J.W. Jackson: 1 jar and pitcher
J.W. Jackson: 1 jar
J.W. Jackson: 1 jar
J.W. Jackson: 1 tea kettle
J.W. Jackson: 2 smoothing irons
J.W. Jackson: sundries
J.W. Jackson: sundries
J.T. Mullins: 4 glass tumblers @ 17 1/2 cents each
J.W. Jackson: 1 pair of cards
J.T. Mullins: 7 cups and saucers
N.C. Tatom: set of knives and forks
J.W. Jackson: 1 set of plates
N.C. Tatom: 1 dish
J.W. Jackson: 1 strainer
A.C. Tatom: 1 bucket
J.W. Jackson: 1 coffee mill
A.C. Tatom: sundries
T.A. Turner: 1 table
J. Justice: 1 table
J. Carroll: 1 table
A. C. Tatom: 6 chears (chairs)
J.T. Mullins: 1 horne
J.W. Jackson: 1 horne
J.C. Chilcoat: 1 set weaving gear
W.N. Nanney: 1 lot of books
J. Webb: 1 bedstead
D.N. Cayce: 1 lot of stock hogs
J.A. Harrison: 1 yoke of oxen
J. Hill: 1 muley cow
J. Hill: 1 cow
J.A. Harrison: 1 cow
N. McDuffee: 1 heifer
N. McDuffee: 1 heifer
J.T. Mullins: 1 heifer
E. Springer: 1 black horse
J.W. Jackson: 25 bushels of corn
J.W. Jackson: 25 bushels corn
J.W. Jackson: 25 bushels corn
D. Moman: 1 bell
W. Cummings: 1 log chain
J.J. Nanney: 1 waggon
J.G. Rutherford: 2,664 pounds of lint cotton
E. Shurfield: Tom and Lucinda
R. Wiygle: Jinney
Evaline Jackson: Mary

End of Sale




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