1866 Business and Personal Property Tax Roll

Part 1: Itawamba County Businesses

Adams and Woodard Guntown Retail Dealer Liquor
Armstrong and Knowles Richmond Retail Dealer Mdse
Allison, Jno. P. Fulton Physican
Barbor, W.F.H. Marietta Retail Dealer Mdse
Brandon, L.C. Marietta Retail Dealer Liquor
Bryant and Porter Baldwyn Retail Dealer Liquor
Besserrett, G.C. Guntown Physician
Booth, Geo. W. Guntown Physician
Briston, Jno. R. Guntown Hotel Keeper
Bates and Burgess Saltillo Retail Dealer Mdse
Bacon, W.A. Tupelo Retail Dealer Mdse
Brown, J.T.H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Barton, Jas. D. Richmond Lawyer
Burgess, A.J. Fulton Lawyer
Betts and Thomas Fulton Retail Dealer Mdse
Buchanan and Warden Fulton Retail Dealer Mdse
Cates and Jopling Marietta Retail Dealer Mdse
Clayton, R.B. Baldwyn Hotel Keeper
Caraway, J.A. Baldwyn Apothecary
Copeland and Richey Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
Cole, J.H. Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
Cobb and Thomason Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Clayton and Vaughn Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Clark, R.B.H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Cunningham, R.C. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Clayton, W.L. Fulton Lawyer
Childers, J.B. Fulton Hotel Keeper
Enochs, Davis H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Finley, Jas. L. Guntown Lawyer
Franklin, J.V.H. Fulton Retail Dealer Liquor
Flint, Jno. B. Fulton Apothocary
Gaither, W.W. Guntown Lawyer
Gardner, Jno. C. Van Buren Distilled Spirits
Henderson, J.H. Tupelo Retail Dealer Liquor
Knott, Jno. H. Guntown Physician
Kirkland, W.J. Guntown Common Carrier
Labe, Lewis Baldwyn Retail Dealer Mdse
Lewis, W.F. Baldwyn Photographer
Lindsey, Jno. W. Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
Ledbetter, L.L. Tupelo Retail Dealer Liquor
Ledbetter, L.C.H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Long, S.D.H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Leach, J.A. Richmond Physician
McChisney, Wm. Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
McFaddin and Case Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
Morgan, Clary H. Saltillo Retail Dealer Mdse
Marlin and Brookshier Tupelo Retail Dealer Mdse
Mabry, H.H. and T.T. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Miller and Holmes Verona Manufacturors
Morris, J. and Son Shannon Retail Dealer Mdse
McKown, J.S. Shannon Physician
McReynolds, L.D. Richmond Physician
McQuiston, W.C. Fulton Lawyer
McWilliams, A.J. Fulton Physician
Mitchener and Phillips Mooresville Retail Dealer Mdse
McDonald and Bonnet Guntown Retail Dealer Liquor
Norwood and Burge Baldwyn Retail Dealer Mdse
Oliver, Elijah Baldwyn Retail Dealer Liquor
Owen, Ben L. Fulton Lawyer
Phipps, B.T. Mooresville Physician
Powell, Turner Shannon Stallion
Pounds, Richard Mooresville Stallion
Park and Schumpert Richmond Retail Dealer Mdse
Rogers, W.J. Marietta Physician
Reeves, W.J. Marietta Lawyer
Robins, Jeptha Guntown Lawyer
Rafalsky, Henry Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Rogers and Cunningham Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Raymond, A.H.H. Verona Retail Dealer Mdse
Rhodes and Bright Shannon Retail Dealer Liquor
Stocks, H.C. and Bro. Baldwyn Retail Dealer Mdse
Sadler, A.D.H. Baldwyn Manufacturer
Strait, P.P. Saltillo Retail Dealer Mdse
Sanders, L.D. Saltillo Manufacturer
St. Clair, C. Tupelo Physician
Sampson, Tho. O. Verona Hotel Keeper
Simmons, J.J. Verona Dentist
Schumpert, J.W.H. Shannon Retail Dealer Mdse
Smith and Randolph Richmond Retail Dealer Mdse
Spencer, G.W. Fulton Retail Dealer Mdse
Tison and Page Baldwyn Retail Dealer Mdse
Thomas, Laban Guntown Retail Dealer Mdse
Thomas, J.G. Saltillo Physician
Taylor, C.W.H. Mooresville Retail Dealer Mdse
Townsend, Jn. H. Shannon Retail Dealer Liquor
Taylor, L.T.H. Shannon Retail Dealer Mdse
Thurkill, F.M. Richmond Cotton
Woodard, Bryant Guntown Bowling Alley
Walker, Lynn Saltillo Physician
Wilson, H. Tupelo Retail Dealer Mdse
Watson, Jno. D. Mooresville Physician
Worthington, A.M. Mooresville Dentist
Walker and Warren Ryans Well Retail Dealer Mdse
Williams, Jno. D. Fulton Lawyer

Part 2: Itawamba County Personal Property

Adams, W.S.J. Baldwyn 1 watch
Barnes, Richard Mooresville Income $363
Barnes, Richard Mooresville 1 carriage
Bryson, Samuel Guntown Income $430
Bourland, J.S. Van Buren Income $550
Burdine, W.R. Richmond 1 carriage
Bromley, Wm. C. Fulton 1 watch
Brown, N.G. Verona 1 piano forte
Betts, Joseph Guntown 1 carriage
Betts, E.G. Fulton 2 carriages
Betts, E.G. Fulton 1 watch
Boatright, F. Van Buren 1 ferry
Copeland, L.J. Guntown Income $318.50
Copeland, L.J. Guntown 1 carriage
Copeland, L.J. Guntown 1 watch
Clifton, Julia Fulton 1 carriage
Clifton, Julia Fulton 1 watch
Clifton, Julia Fulton 1 piano forte
Crayton, W.L. Richmond 1 piano forte
Cunningham, R.C. Verona 1 watch
Cunningham, R.C. Verona 1 piano forte
Clark, R.C. Verona 1  piano forte
Clayton, R.B. Baldwyn 1 carriage
Clayton, R.B. Baldwyn 1 watch
Clayton, R.B. Baldwyn 1 piano forte
Clifton, Sarah Fulton 1 carriage
Cobb, J.S. Verona 1 piano forte
Dabbs, E.H. Bigby Fork 1 carriage
English, Lewis Richmond Income $500
Estes, Wm. Jr. Richmond 1 piano forte
Estes, Wm. Sr. Richmond 1 carriage
Finley, Jas. L. Guntown 1 watch
Gaines, Jno. S. Ryans Well Income $150
Gullet, T.F. Verona 1 piano forte
Knowles, Jas. E. Richmond Income $364
Lucas, Owen Baldwyn Income $150
Lindsey, Jno. W. Guntown 1 watch
McGaughey, W.H. Verona 1 piano forte
Moorman, D.H. Mooresville Income $550
Moorman, D.H. Mooresville 2 carriages
Moorman, D.H. Mooresville 1 watch
McDaniel, Wm. T. Fulton Income $186
Montgomery, Martha Richmond 1 carriage
Mosely, Wm. H. Shannon 1 carriage
Mosely, Wm. H. Shannon 1 watch
Moore, B.G. Fulton 1 carriage
McWilliams, A.J. Fulton 1 carriage
McWilliams, A.J. Fulton 1 watch
McWilliams, A.J. Fulton 1 piano forte
Outlaw, Noah Guntown Income $375
Oliver, Elijah Baldwyn 1 piano forte
Rogers, Misiniro Fulton 1 piano forte
Randolph, G.W. Verona 1 piano forte
Robins, Jeptha Guntown 1 carriage
Robins, Jeptha Guntown 1 watch
Stephens, J.M. Fulton Income $100
Spearman, E. and J. Tremont Income $800
Springer, Mary Bigby Fork 1 carriage
Schumpert, J.W. Shannon 1 watch
Simonton, Jno. M. Shannon 1 carriage
Strait, P.P. Saltillo 1 watch
Smith, J.W. Richmond 1 watch
Tabler, W.H. Guntown Income $100
Thompson, Sallie Guntown Income $150
Thomas, Laban Guntown Income $700
Taylor, C.W. Mooresville 1 carriage
Taylor, C.W. Mooresville 1 watch
Torbit, Martha Richmond 1 carriage
Thomas, E.G. Guntown 1 piano forte
Tankersley, N. Bigby Fork 1 carriage
Traylor, N.W. Richmond 1 carriage
Tapscot, H.C. Richmond 1 carriage
Whitesides, Sarah Richmond Income $275
Walker, G.B. Ryans Well Income $300
Whitten, M.C. Guntown 2 piano fortes
Wiygle, Reuben Fulton 1 piano forte
Wylie, Wm. Richmond 1 carriage
Walker, Mary Richmond 1 piano forte


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