Charles F. Marion Hodges Estate Packet: 1863

Biographical Notes

Charles F. Marion Hodges was born during 1830 in Limestone County, Alabama, the son of Charles Hodges (born July 18, 1797 in TN) and Mary Milhous (born January 27, 1816 in Madison Co., Mississippi Territory). Charles F. Marion was the grandson of Abel and Sarah Wood Hodges and John and Anna Stewart Milhous. Charles F. Marion Hodges' father brought his family to Itawamba County in the later 1840's from Limestone County, Alabama where he purchased a 171-acre farm from Daniel Edding near the Tombigbee River in the old Ironwood Bluff precinct. He later purchased an additional 160 acres joining his farm in 1856 shortly before his death. Charles F. Marion Hodges married Georgia Ann Lessell about 1856, daughter of Aaron and Nancy Lessell. After his father died in 1856, he inherited, along with his sisters, Mary L. Hobbs and Elizabeth Egger, two-thirds of his father's farm. During 1858, a couple of years after his marriage he purchased a two acre lot and house from James Spears Bourland, located adjacent to his late father's farm.   Shortly before his death,  he sold his two-acre lot and house to E.E. Egger. It seems, from reading the probate records, that Charles F. Marion Hodges and his wife, along with a possible child died during January of 1863 as a Mr. J.V. Thomas billed the estate for "making 3 coffins with cases at $5.00 each. The bill was dated February 1, 1863." Dr. S.W. Gardner submitted a bill to the estate that shows that he was treating both C.F.M. Hodges and his wife from late December 1862 into January of 1863. The last reference to Hodges' wife in the medical bill is January 2, 1863 and the last reference to Hodges is a visit to the Hodges farm on January 20, 1863. Another reference in the estate papers supports this theory. The reference reads: "Marion Hodges and George Ann Hodges died in this county". This reference is found in the Egger petition for guardianship of the Hodges children. Charles F.Marion and wife Georgia Ann Hodges were survived by two children, Charles Aaron Hodges (born, abt. 1857, married Sarah A. Egger) and Mary Corilla Hodges (born May 17, 1860, married James Franklin O'Rear).


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

Probate Court
February Term 1863

Hon. Jesse Hunt, Judge

The petition of R.F. Shannon shows to your honor that C.F.M. Hodges late of said county departed this life about the __ day of January last leaving a small personal and real estate worth about Fifteen hundred dollars. That no widow survives said decedeant who died intestate. The relations of decedent desire your petitioner to administer this estate. He therefore asks for letters of administration and offers the names of R.B. Tate and Thomas Gillespie as surities.

R.F. Shannon
Appraisers: Robert Bean, John V. Thomas and C.N. Bourland


Est. of C.F.M. Hodges
To J.V. Thomas Feby. 1st for making 3 coffins with cases at $5.00 each $15.00


State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Probate Court March Term 1863
To Hon. Jesse Hunt, Judge of Probates in said county

The petition of the undersignhed respectfully represents Marion Hodges and George Ann Hodges died in this county leaving surviving them two children Charles A. and Mary C. Hodges, minors. The said children are both in a helpless condition, petitioner therfore prays you ... appoint her guardian to the said minor children...

E.R. Egger


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Probate Court
March Term 1863

The petition of the undersigned respectfully represents to your honor that in the month of August 1862 she purchased a house and lot from C.F. Hodges situated on the northwest quarter 1/4 of Section 7, Range 9 and Township Eleven (11) for the sum of forty dollars. Petitioner further represents that the said Hodges  died without making a deed to the said house and lot that she is ready and willing to pay the money ... and therefore prays your honor to authorize and compel R.F. Shannon the administrator of the estate of the said Hodges to make her a deed to the said house and lot ...

E.E. Egger


List of Notes and Accounts belonging to C.F.M. Hodges dec'd:

One note on E.R. Egger for $23.00 due 2nd March 1862

One note on J.W. Hodges for $10.26 due 5th Sept. 1862

One account on Anna K. Powel for $4.20 Oct. 9th 1861

One account on Anna K. Powell without date for $2.00

One account on E.R. Egger for $4.50 without date

One account on Mary J. Hobbs for $1.60 without date

One account on J.N. Elliott for $3.00 March 3rd 1862

One account on A.K. Powell for $37 1/2 without date

Confederate Money $8.00

Missouri  Money 1.00


Administrator's Notice

Whereas letters of administration on the Estate of C.F.M. Hodges, dec'd were granted to the undersigned at the February term, 1863 of the Probate Court of Itawamba County, State of Mississippi:
Now, all persons having Claims against said estate are hereby required to present them, duly authenticated or they will be forever barred.

R.F. Shannon


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

Received, this the 25 day of March 1864 of  R.F. Shannon, admr. $4.66 in full of his Taxes for the fiscal year 1863 on the following property, viz:

56 acres NE 1/4 Section 12, Township 11, Range 8
57 acres SE 1/4 Section 12, Township 11, Range 8

Manly D. Files
Sheriff and Tax Collector


Amount Received on account of the Estate of C.F.M. Hodges Dec'd:

Amount on hand the day of appraisement:
     Confederate Money: $10.00
     Missouri: $1.00

April 2
Amount Confederate Mississippi Treasury Notes day of sale: $488.74

April 27
Received of J.N. Elliott: $11.11

Oct. 2
Received of Elizabeth Oneal: $23.00
Received of J.W. Hodges: $56.57
Received of J.W. Hodges Note & Int.: $10.60
Received of M.J. Hobbs: $70.10
Received of M.J. Hobbs account & int.: $1.60
Received of Samuel Gardner: $20.35
Received of W.O. Lindsey: $43.65
Received of Sousannah Rutledge: $31.38 1/2
Received of T.E. Gothard: $49.67 1/2
Received of E.R. Egger note: $29.26
Received of A.K. Powell: $2.37
January 31st 1865
Received of E.H. Wiygul: $12.63

Cr. by Amounts Paid Out

April 2
Paid J.A.W. Devall crying Sale: $5.00
April 27
Dr. J.N. Elliott account: $2.50
May 5
Dr. S.N. Gardner account: $29.87
April 25
E.B. Devall note and int.: $124.83
June 3
Land taxes for estate: $4.59
Sept. 11
Samuel Gardner note and int.: $125.00
Sept. 28
James Bromley note and int.: $32.75
Oct. 1
R.F. Shannon & Co. note and int.: $11.94
R.F. Shannon & Co. note and int.: $70.30
Oct. 2
Sousannah Rutledge account & int.: $31.86
Oct. 31
J.V. Thomas account: $15.00
January 22 1864
J.H. King Esq. Fees: $4.00
January 28
Robert Beene appraiser: $2.00
C.W. Bourland appraiser: $2.00
March 25
Land taxes for estate: $4.66
Jan 31 1865
E.H. Wiygul account and int.: $10.22 1/2
May 10
Taxes for estate: $2.70

Balance on hand in 4 percent Confederate Certificates: $504.81 1/2

Sworn to and subsribed before me the 25th day of Sept. 1865
R.F. Shannon, Admin.



Sale Bill of the Personal property of C.F.M. Hodges deceased at the late residence of said deceased in the county of Itawamba and State of Mississippi on the 2nd day of April 1863 the following persons became purchasers:

Elizabeth Oneal:
1 cow and calf, 1 safe or cubbard, 1 bed stid, 1 bed spread, 1 bed spread, 6 chairs, 2 bells

John W. Hodges:
! heifer, 1 bridle sweep, 1 lot shoe tools, 2 bee gums, 1 work bench, 1 pair cotton cards, 1 bake dish, 1 bed quilt, 1 bed quilt, 1 table and cover, 1 pair saddle packs, 1 razor shop brush & c., 3 head of Geese, 2 Guinea chickens

Mary J. Hobbs:
1 yoak of oxen, 1 lot spoons and knives and forks, 1 bowl and cream pitcher, 1 book: Like of Gen. Marion

Samuel Gardner:
1 black mare, 1 bridle

James S. Bourland:
1 mule, 1 cross cut caw, 1 glass jar, 1 writing table, 1 candle stick

E.C. Bourland:
1 sheep, 1 looking glass, 1 hog

T.E. Gothard
2 sheep, 1 sheep, 1 sheep, 1 lamb, 1 man's saddle, 15 lbs. spinning cotton, 2 sheep

Wm. Lansford:
1 wash pot, 1 bull tongue plow, 1 bull tongue plow, 1 iron square

Lemuel Perry:
1 wash tub, 1 coffee pot, 1 tea kettle

O.W. Thompson
1 foot tub, 1 auger, 1 auger, 1 horse bell, 1 hand saw

E.R. Egger
1 bread tray, 1 picture, 1 table, 40 pounds of salt, 1 book case, 2 hogs

R.B. Tate:
1 grubing hoe, 1 grind stone, 1 box and 2 barrels, 1 axe, 1 bench, 1 cross cut file

Sousanah Rutledge:
1 plow and heel bolts, 1 single tree and Clives, 1 weeking hoe, 1 bowl, 1 sifter, 1 bread tray, 1 side saddle, 1 skillet, 1 book Pilgrim's Progress, 1 Dictionary, 1 plow stock, 1 bench, 1 lard stand, 1 set Wash ba__ and frame

D.M. Coaker:
1 chopping axe, 1 oven lid and hooks

E.H. Wiygul:
1 chopping axe, 1  ___ plow, 1 half bushel measure, 1 milk Be___, 1 sett cups and saucers, 1 Arithmetic, 1 Jefferson's Manual, 1 Gudrich 5th Reader, 1 Bullion's Gramer, 1 Comprehensive Geography

J.V. Thomas:
1 sho__ plow, 1 sh___ plow, 1 Iron wedge, 1 dinner pot and lid

J.A.M. Devall:
1 cutting knife, 1 shovel

James M. Williams:
1 2-inch auger

Thomas Gillespie:
1 sleigh ___, 1 double barrel gun, 1 smoothing iron, 1 clock, 1 Medical Advisor

Margaret Harkness:
2 pictures, 1 salt stand

Anderson McCraw:
1 side harrow, 1 sheep bell, 1 meat and draw knife, 1 stone jar

Thos. E. Chilcoat:
1  3/4 inch chisel, 1 1/2 inch chisel, 1 stone churn, 1 sett plates, 1 feather bed and 4 pillows, 1 bed quilt

E. Gardner:
1 draw knife, 1 gal. jug, 1 shovel and tongue, 1 bread baker, 13 chickens

A.T. King:
1 claw hammer, 1 broad axe

Hesakiah Thorn:
1 sett plow gears

C.W. Bourland:
1 lot old irons and box, 1 box ring, 1 sett knives and forks, 1 wheat H___

W.O. Lindsey:
1 hand ___ and templ___, 1 spinning wheel, 1 school bucket, 1 bed stid and cord, 1 bed spred, 1 bed quilt, 1 slate

Mrs. Bryant:
1 large dish, 1 large dish, 1 large dish and small dish, 1 pitcher, 1 pitcher, 1 sett plates, 1 wash pan

J.L. Walton:
1 pepper boxes and vineger stand

L.A. Gentry:
1 sugar bowl

A.K. Powell:
1 sp__ and lid

John Meyers:
1 dinner pot

S.W. Gardner:
5 glass tumblers, 1 lot bottles, 1 feather bed bolster and pillows, 1 book Theadocia, 1 book Jackson's Address, 1 book Arts Revealed, 6 Gansford half in. chisel

G.W. Wordlaw:
5 Patent Office Reports

Total Amount of Sale: $935.73 1/2

End of Sale List



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