Itawamba County Registered Clergy: 1838-1869

During the 1800's, members of the clergy registered with the county in order to perform marriages. These registrations are found in the various 19th century marriage books in the Itawamba County Circuit Court Clerk's office. Below is a transcript of those registrations.

Sanders Mills: Baptist; 19th February 1838 
Samuel Adair: Christian; 5 April 1841 
Lewis R. Pate: Methodist Episcopal: 6 December 1842 
A.G. Lane: Methodist Protestant; 6 December 1842 
Samuel C. Johnson: Baptist; 25 January 1843 
Henderson H. Montgomery: Methodist Episcopal; 23 June 1843 
Plesant Yell: Methodist Episcopal; 13 June 1843 
Robert L. Wilson: Christian; 13 June 1843 
Samuel Henderson: Christian; 1 January 1844 
Eli Thompson: Baptist; 1 January 1844 
Josiah Roberts: Methodist Episcopal; 1 May 1844 
Robert O'Barr: Baptist; 10 December 1844 
Robert Rice: Baptist; 11 December 1844 
William C. Thomas: Baptist; 12 October 1845 
Sugar Mayfield: Methodist; 21 July 1846 
Jacob Lee: Methodist; 1st Monday of January 1846 
Hardin Patterson: Methodist Episcopal; 13 September 1847 
Christenberry Lee: Methodist Episcopal; 8 January 1847 
William Cooper: Methodist Episcopal; 2 December 1847 
Eliba Allen: Methodist Episcopal; 4 October 1847 
J.D. Rhodes: Methodist; 15 May 1848 
Daniel Tabb: Methodist: 30 August 1848 
Mathew Gross: Methodist Episcopal; 3 April 1850 
Osborne Martin: Methodist Episcopal; 20 May 1850 
William Phillips: Baptist; 25 June 1850 
Reubin Clayton; Presbyterian; 2 July 1850 
Matthias Seppards: Baptist; 13 December 1850 
Mathew Cooper: Methodist; 25 January 1851 
George W. Tucker: Methodist Episcopal; 25 May 1851 
Levi Hurst: Baptist; 19 August 1851 
A.D. Pliggins: Baptist; 20 August 1851 
F.L. Steele: Methodist Episcopal; 1 May 1852 
William Archer: Baptist; 7 April 1852 
John Rowland: Missionary Baptist; 13 April 1852 
William R. Alexander: Baptist; 13 April 1852 
Thomas A. Wear: Methodist Episcopal; 7 May 1852 
William C. McDow: Methodist Episcopal; 20 December 1852 
E.S. Hankins: Missionary Baptist; 14 September 1852 
Jeptha Richards: Missionary Baptist; 6 May 1853 
W. Green Bulger: Methodist Protestant; 5 July 1853 
Franklin Finney: Baptist Church of Christ; 7 December 1853
E.B. Plummer: Methodist Episcopal; 14 December 1853 
Thomas T. Parker: Baptist; 24 May 1854 
Reuben D. Black: Missionary Baptist; 1st Monday of October 1853 
  Note: He was at Hopewell, Ballard County, Kentucky 
A.B. Bullard: Union Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church; 
  29 December 1853 
John A. Miller: Methodist Episcopal; 2 January 1855 
L.D. Cantrell: Primitive Baptist; 29 October 1856 
  Note: He was at Salem, Marion County, Alabama 
James M. Herring: Missionary Baptist; 2 October 1856 
Bennett B. Ross: Methodist Episcopal; 13 April 1853 
Benjamin Avery: Primitive Baptist at New Ranah; July 1858 
B.R. Bray: Methodist Protestant; December 1859 
Willaim B. Beck: Methodist Episcopal; February 1860 
Samuel Bryant: Baptist; 5 October 1860 
W.C. Bromley: Christian; 23 January 1866 
M.L. Bass: Minister of the Gospel; 26 August 1868 
J.T. Benson: Missionary Baptist; July 1869 
Benjamin L. Clayton: Cumberland Presbyterian; January 1858 
Thomas Dulaney: Missionary Baptist at Mt. Pleasant; September 1859 
Nathaniel Davis: Missionary  Baptist; 23 January 1866 
Nathaniel Davis: Christian Church; 23 January 1866 
Jeremiah G. Gurley: Methodist Episcopal; 24 April 1863 
Stephen Gilmore: Methodist Episcopal; 26 April 1866 
J.W. Honnell: Methodist Episcopal; 29 August 1865 
Horrace Jewell: Methodist Episcopal; 4th Monday of December 1860 
Nathaniel King: Christs Church; December 1860 
William L. Kestler: Methodist Episcopal; 27 May 1863 
Lemons Moon: Missionary Baptist from Liberty, Gwinnett County, Georgia 
  29 March 1837 
Joseph B. Price: Minister of the Gospel; 29 March 1864 
Tully E. Parker: Baptist; 24 September 1867 
W.L. Priddy: Baptist; 27 January 1868 
Oscar F. Rodgers: Chickasaw Presbytery of the Old School Presbyterian 
  Church; November 1857 
Walton J. Reeves: Methodist Protestant; 24 January 1861 
E. Rankin: Methodist Episcopal; 29 March 1864 
N.W. Rhyne: Primitive Baptist; 28 June 1864 
Andrew C. Smith: Methodist Episcopal; 4th Monday of December 1857 
Joseph T. Sally: Methodist Episcopal; July 1860 
L.S. Tolson: Baptist Church of Christ at Hopewell; No Date 
Hudson Thompson: Methodist Episcopal; 28 August 1866 
L.D. Turner: Methodist Episcopal; 24 February 1868 
W.N. Watson: Missionary Baptist; 22 August 1864 
Alfred Walker, a man of color: Minister of the Gospel; 23 December 1867 
Jacob F. Martin: Methodist Episcopal; 1860 
John W. McDaniel: Methodist Protestant; 26 October 1864 
James Sparks: Presbyterian; January 1860 
Jessee Weaver: Methodist Episcopal; 27 March 1861 
Jessee C. Oliver: Missionary Baptist; 1 October 1863 
O.G.B. Smith: Missionary Baptist; 28 October 1863 
Peter C. Crow: Missionary Baptist Church at Shiloh; 25 July 1864 
M.A. Brazile: Missionary Baptist; 23 December 1865 
John H. Bowen: Missionary Baptist; 23 January 1866 
Thomas J. Cansler: Methodist Episcopal; 28 August 1866 
Aaron Cantrell; Minister of the Gospel; 31 January 1866 
John Arnold: Minister of the Gospel; 2 March 1867 
James McNees: Methodist Protestant; 27 December 1869 


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