1898 Confederate Pensioners 
Itawamba County, Mississippi

A List of Pensions Allowed at the September Term of the Grand Jury 1898
S.M. Reeves W.L. Griffin Hollet Pierce
H.F. Booth R. Whitley T.J. Gaddy
T.R. Atwood Margaret Hood Mrs. Ellen Partin
Mrs. J.N. Boatright * Susan E. Nannie Nancy A. Edwards
Martha Crawley John Hair J.N. Jarrell
Caroline DeVall Sarah Odum Francis Gilmore
Mary J. Johnson Jane Riley Lucinda Umphres
S.A. Underwood Mary J. Hobbs Martha A. Austin
Sophronia Wilburn * N.A. Gilmore Ellen Woldridge
Jno. J. Little Luisa Tucker Sinthy McFearson
Jno. Anthony J.R. Wright E. Ramey
G.D. Brougham A. Prestridge A. Tomlin
T.B. Russell A.N. Conwill J.H. Chamblee
J.R. McMillen Marthy W. Patton D.N. Ford
A.M. Rea Miles Barkley H.T. Gillentine
Wm. Summerford E.B. Baldwyn Eliza Wiginton
D.A. Hilliard M.A. Hall R. Mason
Rebecca Grimes Jane Crouch Nancy Thompson
John Williams Wm. Sherfield Aron Crocker
G.B. Patterson W.D. Warren Sibey Wilemon
Vina McDaniel M.J. Dulany J.H. Hughes
Mary Wright Rhoda Chambliss :L.B. Foot
W.J. Pugh T.J. Pedigo J.J. McDaniel
M.E. Williams R.E. Adderhold F.M. turner
E. Waddel S.H. Willes Calven Thomas
John Rogers C.C. Tice * Johnathan Plunkett
Aaron Cantrell Elizabeth Boyd J.A. Hilliard
Marget J. Wallis N.C. Bibby Mary J. Harmon
J.R. Carpenter * J.T. Watson M.A. Harris
H.B. Wallis * Johnathan Stephens Eliza Barton
Anie Ewing T. Collum Thomas Plunkett
G.W. Moore * Joseph Hargett J.R. Yielding
A.N. Grissom Mrs. Jane Ringer W.R. Hutcheson
J.S. Davis Sr. * J.C. Johnson * W. Ashley *
Jessie Davis * = Rejected Y


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