Board of Police Minutes: 1873-1875

6 January 1873

This day the bridge over Jim's Creek on Cotton Gin and Russellville Road was contracted to be built by E.D. Sallis for the sum of $90. The job was reported finished.

Thomas Cooper - for hauling bridge lumber
G.B. Walker - for nails for the bridge
Nelson Gann - for hauling lumber for the bridge on Marietta Road

The following people were taken off the delinquent tax list for 1872: Polly Bates, James Barrett, John Castleberry, D.B. Camp, J.D. Dykes, W.H. Spigner, Charley Whitesides, H.E. Gregory, S.T. Honnal, Thomas McFadden, W.E. Mink, W.B. Mayhall, Z.D. Stephens, Jerry Whitesides, A.C. Nelson, J.H. Nelson, Jesse Oswalt, Thomas Scruggs, S.G. Spigner, J.S. Taylor

20 January 1873
D. Epperson - for timber
School board for mileage. Members were: John C. Cates, W.S. Black, F.L. Harder, E.J. Chastain, B.B. McFadden, T.G. Causler, T.W. Pearce.

Appointments as road overseers: James Nanny for the Fulton and Guntown Road; Frank Moore for the Fulton and Russellville Road; J.V. Little for the Van Buren and Richmond Road.

3 February 1873
John Sheffield - for erecting slough bridges on the Fulton and Pontotoc Road near Mantachie Creek
G.W. Mullins - for lumber for the Boguefala bridges on the Cotton Gin Road
J.D. Kirk - medicine and visits to paupers (James Cummings, Cynthia Cobb and Margaret Floyd)

8 February 1873
R.A. Bowen asked for a writ of ___ to examine the proposed site of a cotton gin and grist mill desired to be erected on Curtis Creek in the west portion of the northwest quarter of Section 18, Township 10

Dr. W.A. Smith - for medicine and attending to Eliza Pearce, a pauper
Will Ferguson - for hauling paupers
N.B. Warren - for medicine to William Brown, a pauper
M.C. Cummings - burying to paupers

5 February 1873
Upon the resignation of T. Causler, school director for the 5th District, M.C. Cummings was appointed.

10 February 1873
Commissioners appointed to examine the bridge on the Fulton and Saltillo Road to be erected by F.M. Cooley were: Monroe Cook, John Morse and Ralph Marlin.

3 March 1873
W.A. Cooley was paid for the Mantachie Creek Bridge he built.

11 March 1873
A petition was heard from James H. Harrison asking for a writ of ___ for a dam on Curtis Creek located in the northeast quarter of Section 12, Township 10, Range 8 for the purpose of operating a water grist mill and gin.

T.J. Gaddy for hauling a pauper, D.C. Clifton
G.B. Walker - for nails for a bridge

J.P. Baldridge and David Johnson were appointed as commissioners to examine the Tombigbee Bridge on the Fulton Levee to see if repairs are needed.

N.B. Warren was appointed county auctioneer for 1873

Dr. W.A. Smith - for medical attention to Mrs. Tabitha Maxcy, a poor person
Mrs. G.W. Busby and Mrs. Tabitha Maxcy - for necessities

15 July 1873
J.R. Evans - allowed $36 for taking care of an estray mule
V.A. Harwell - for hauling a pauper, Jacob Jordan
Spencer Hare - for hauling saw dust for the courthouse
M.C. Cummings - for bridge timber
Sam Henderson - for putting up sign boards

Appointed the public printer for the county. "The Mississippi Journal" of Tupelo was named because there is no newspaper in Itawamba County.

J.H. Francis - for sign boards

Ordered that John Morse be employed to repair the cupola of the courthouse and repair the tin and shingles of the roof

Mrs. Lucy Gilmer and Mrs. Kingsley - for necessities

6 August 1873
F.M. Sisk made application for a license to convey merchandise in a four-wheeled vehicle with one horse

The following people were paid for putting up mile posts: A. Dulaney, J.A. Morgan and John Lentz

8 December 1873
Ordered that the old kitchen situated in the enclosure of the jail be sold to the highest bidder.

P.W. Stovall for hauling lumber

17 January 1874
The following election holders were paid for their services in the November 4, 1873 election: 
Walker Store Precinct: O.F. Beene, J.Y. Sanders, J.F. Warren, J. Tabler, Will Ferguson
Stone's Crossroads Precinct: J.F. Martin, J.H. Harber, G.W. Maxwell, J.P. May, E. Davison
Carolina Precinct: L.L. Tapscott, E. Wiygule, A.H. Black, J.T. Wiygle, W.C. Burt
Bounds Crossroads Precinct: A.J. Chaffin, F.M. Davis, J.R. Lees, E.J. Chastain, William Chaffin, J.S. Davis
New Salem Precinct: W.T. Justice, J.W. Wheeler, C.T. Justice, J.A. King, B.B. McFadden
Hamptons Precinct: J. Barton, W.F. Booth, F.L. Harder, J.W. Jones, R.L. Hampton
Leighs Mills Precinct: James M. Cook, J.R. Stephens, Jno. S. Hines, T.W. Stephens, J.M. Stephens
Hopewell Precinct: D.W. Wallace, J.E. Little, H. Gillentine, ___ Mattox, E.M. Martin
Causlers Store Precinct: H.A. Sisk, Nathan Waddell, W.S. Kilgo, Wm. E. Bowen, G.W. Webb
Copelands Precinct: J.H. Reynolds, M.A. Brazle, W.S. Stewart, E.L. McCulloch, J.B. Mayhall
Pleasanton Precinct: C.W. Graham, G.L. Davis, P. Collum, John Mason, S. Barkley
Cardsville Precinct: A.V. Griffin, D.B. Camp, H.A. Boyd, N.J. Gillespie, R.A. Borum
Fulton Precinct: J.Y. Carmack, Newnan Cayce
Registrars: W.H. Moore, J.R. Stephens, J.D. Priddy

Will Ferguson is hereby employed to care for the paupers of this county for the year 1874.

E.R. Googe was paid for building a bridge across Twenty-Mile Creek, known as Grissom's Bridge on the Jacinto and Fulton Road.

8 January 1874
Calvin Wallace was allowed the sum of $15 as a provision for himself being a poor person.

Allowance to Joshua Hood for caring for Nancy Johnson

Jesse Hall and Ellis Benson desire to erect a grist mill, saw mill and cotton gin on Gum Creek at a point near the section line between Sections 21 and 22, Township 8, Range 10.

Allowance to Will Ferguson for keeping the following paupers: ___ Collier, C. Cobb, Jane Cummings, David Clifton and J. Jourdan

24 February 1874
Allowance to W.H. Stephens, jailor of Monroe County for feeding a prisoner from Itawamba County (Henry Lovitt)

14 April 1874
Will Ferguson - Elizabeth Busby, a poor person
Will Ferguson - J. B. Lowry and G.B. Walker - for burial expenses of Jane Cummings, a pauper
Jason Prince - a poor person

7 July 1874
Allowance to Mrs. Winaford Kingsley, a poor person

Petition of A.C. Pearce for a grist mill and cotton gin on Mantachie Creek on the southwest quarter of Section 7, Township 9, Range 8

3 August 1874
Allowance to D.O. Streetman for caring for Mrs. Smith, a poor person

10 September 1874
Commissioners appointed to inspect the following bridges:
Bridge across slough west of Bull Mountain on Fulton and Millville Road: H.R. Dorsey, W.W. Dickerson, Andrew Davidson
Bridge across Chubby Creek on the Fulton and Russellville Road: William Mitchell, Jesse Hall
Bridge across Hickory Creek on the Fulton and Pikeville Road: J.A. Stone, James Lyle, J.F. Martin
Bridge across Mud Creek on the Fulton and Iuka Road: William Downs, Alfred Dulaney, Holland Brewer

Allowance to William Warren for keeping Betsy Robinson, a poor person

J.H. Stone - for furnishing the jail
H.P. Gaither - for nails and latches for the courtyard fence
Daivd Johnson - for lumber and repairs to the courtyard fence
John Morse - for repairs to the courtyard fence

8 October 1874
Allowance to  Will Ferguson for sending Isaac Collier, a poor person, to his home in Michigan

13 October 1874
Allowance to  Will Ferguson, keeper of the paupers, for the following: keeping C. Cobb, Nancy Johnson to July 30, J.D. Gentry, J. Jordan and burial expenses of  Nancy Johnson

Allowance to J.B. Lowry for making a coffin for Nancy Johnson

Allowance to Thomas J. Tayloir for nails for bridge on the Bigby

Allowance to E.R. Googe for hauling a pauper, Mrs. Gentry, to the poor house

8 December 1874
License issued to G.B. Long to peddle in a two-horse wagon in Itawamba County for 12 months

S.R. Stribling - for rope furnished to the ferry on the Tombigbee River on Fulton and Tupelo Road
David Johnson - for lumber furnished to the ferry boat on the Tombigbee River

4 January 1875
Allowance to Dr. W.A. Smith for medical services to Mrs. Livingood and family, they being paupers

11 January 1875
Grand Jury Appointments:
First District: Bluford Raper, Thomas Mink, Elijah Franks, A. Dulaney
Second District: O.F. Beene, W.D. Tynes, John R. Stephens, J.M. Nabers
Third District: Thomas McMasters, Robert Bourland, J.M. Holder, Thomas Emmerson
Fourth District: Hyram Saunders, Henderson Abney, John Clay, E.N. Davison
Fifth District: W.M. Gaither, D.C. Pearce, W.M. Reed, Henry Dulany

4 May1875
Allowance to Mrs. Sarah Bounds for burial expenses of  Mrs. Kingsley, a poor person recently deceased



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