Mattie Laura Whitesides Guardianship Packet: 1863

Biographical Notes

James Whitesides (son of Thomas Whitesides and Isabella McTillon) and his wife Sarah Guyton, brought their family to Itawamba County from Marion County, Alabama about 1838. James Whitesides built a substantial two-story home in the Evergreen community of Itawamba County (the home is still standing today) where he operated a large farming operation. By 1860, James Whitesides had become one of the largest property owners in the county owning several thousand acres of land and many slaves. James Whitesides' son, James S. was born in 1838 and married Sarah Keyes, daughter of Judge James Keyes, a prominent planter in the county, on January 16, 1859. The 1860 Federal census shows the young James and his wife Sarah living on his father's plantation. Shortly after the 1860 Federal census was taken, a son, J.T. was born to the young couple but died less than two years later on September 11, 1862. During June of 1862 a daughter, Martha (Mattie) Laura was born to the couple. Before their child was one year old, James S. was killed in battle during the Civil War at Montgomery, Alabama on May 4, 1863. He was buried in a military cemetery there. On September 2, of 1864, Sarah Keyes Whitesides, mother of Mattie Laura died, leaving the young child an orphan.


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Fulton, July 27th 1863

Your petitioner prays your honor to grant her letters of guardianship on the estate or property bequeathed to her child in law, Mattie L. Whitesides in the last will and testament of her husband James Whitesides late of said county and state... said property consists of five slaves and a small share of personal estate, all amounting to or purported to be worth according to the bill of appraisement at this to to the sum of Four Thousand Five Hundred Dollars. Your petitioner proposes to give C.W. Taylor and Thomas Whitesides securities on her bond ...

Sallie E. Whitesides
The child is 13 months old


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
9th day of August 1863

Received of C.W. Taylor, administrator of the estate of James Whitesides, deceased all of the property bequeathed to Mattie Laura Whitesides in the last will and testament of  her father James Whitesides...

Sallie E. Whitesides
Guardian for Mattie L. Whitesides

Annie M. Buchanan
James Keys


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Your petitioner James Keyes would respectfully represent that James Whitesides Jr. late of said county died seized and possessed of a small estate consisting of lands, Negroes and other perishable property all of which was bequeathed to his wife and child them surviving him, that Sarah E. Whitesides widow of said James Whitesides has lately deceased leaving to her child Martha Laura all of said property... respectfully asks that you grant to him Letters of Guardianship for said child estimating said property to be worth Eight Thousand Dollars in good currency...

James Keyes


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
To: V.J. Duncan, E.G. Thomas and A. McCraw
This is to authorize you jointly to appraise the goods and chattels and personal estate of Martha Laura Whitesides of Itawamba County ...

Eli Phillips
24th day of October 1864

Inventory of Slaves:

1 Negro man Aleck
1 Negro man Hiram
1 Negro boy General
1 Negro woman Norcus and her 5 children: Elijah, Malinda, Robert, Jacob, Jane


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

The petition of James Keyes guardian at law of Mattie Laura Whitesides, minor, shows that in pursuance of an order of this court at the October Term therof 1865, he did on the 1st day of December of that year at the premises of Sarah Whitesides, deceased, in said county proceed to sell at public cry the personal property of his said ward...

James Keys


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
Nov Term 1865

Your petitioner, guardian of Mattie Laura Whitesides, minor, heir of James & Sallie E. Whitesides dec'd  respectfully ask leave to make the following report of effects and property belonging to said minor:

Amt. of inventory of effects returned to said court: $5123.25
Amount of C.W. Taylor indebtedness: $36.40
Amount of cash proceeds of 130th ___: $7.80

By value of Negroes freed: $3,700
by value of Bay Horse stolen: $60.00
By amount paid J.R. Jenkins: $70.00
By amount of interest on same: $1.00
By amount cash paid in confederate money: $91.00
By amount for 260 lbs. salt: $35.00

Making amount balance on hand to date Twelve Hundred and Forty Five Dollars

Respectfully submiteed this Nov. 27th 1865


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
September Term 1866

The petition of James Keyes, guardian of Mattie Laura Whitesides minor heir do represents to your honor that it will be for the interest of the estate of his ward, to rent or lease the plantation and cleared lands belonging to his estate...

James Keyes


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County
November Term 1866

The petition of Thomas Whitesides shows unto your honor that on the 4th day of May 1863, his brother James Whitesides Jr. departed this life leaving surviving him his wife Sarah E. and child Mattie Laura Whitesides ... by wish of said decedent C.W. Taylor of said county was appointed executor of his last will and testament ... that at a term of this court Sarah E. Whitesides applied for and received letters of guardianship for Mattie Laura Whitesides, that on the 2nd day of September 1864 said Sarah E. dparted this life leaving surviving her Mattie Laura Whitesides, that at a term of this court Letters of Guardianship was granted to James Keyes, grandparent of Mattie Laura Whitesides, who on the 9th day of November 1866 departed this life leaving said Mattie Laura Whitesides without a guardian. Your petitioner therefore respectfully ask your honor to grant him Letters of Guardianship for said Mattie Laura Whitesides ...

Thos. Whitesides


The State of Mississippi
Itawamba County

The petition of the undersigned guardian for Mattie L. Whitesides respectfully represents and shows to your honor that there is situated a certain tract of land belonging to the estate of his said ward, a Mill, which said Mill is in a very delapidated condition needing all manner of repairs. Such as puttin in new water gates, new posts, new sills & c. together with a new ___. Your petitioner therefore asks your honor for an order granting him permission to rebuild said maill and make such repairs to the machinery as will put it in good running condition. He further represents that it will not be necessary to use any of the timber on the land belonging to said ward, but that he will use his own timbers, keep the mill in good repair and that when his said ward becomes of age or at her marriage, he proposes to turn over to her or her legal representatives said mill with all of its fixdtures and appertanances...

Thomas Whitesides


Sheriff's Office, Itawamba County, Mississippi

November 19, 1876
Received of Thos. Whitesides, guardian $6.58 state, county and teacher's fund taxes for the fiscal year 1876 on the following described property: SE 1/4 S 30, T10, R8 and NW 1/4 S 31, T10, R8

J.A. Bonds
Sheriff and Tax Collector



The following is a true list of the property sold of the estate of Sallie Whitesides at her late residence on the 1st day of December 1865:

Thos. Whitesides: 1 lot rods and srews
Reuben Rankins: 1 small lot irons
Thos. Whitesides: 1 small lot irons
Reuben Rankins: 1 small lot irons
L.W. Turner: 2 pair harneses
W.T. Elliott: 1 stretcher chain
F. Boatright: 1 crow bar
R.D. Lingeart: 1 axe
Green Boatright: 1 axe
Thos. Whitesides: 1 mill saw
Thos. Whitesides: 1 mill saw
Thos. Whitesides: 1 lot bolts and rings
Tucker Rankins: 1 lot harrow teeth
G. Boatright: 1 log chain
T. Rankins: 1 sto__ axe and mattock
T. Whitesides: 1 lot bands
T. Rankins: 1 oat cutter and fixtures
J.C. Gardner: 3 hoes and 2 mattocks
T. Whitesides: 2 hoes
T. Whitesides: 1 lot saw mill castings
T. Whitesides: 1 lot irons
Jas. Bullard: 2 shovel tongue plows
L.W. Turner: 1 lot plows
C.A. Hall: 1 lot small plows
J.B. White: 1 plow
G. Boatright: 2 plows
G. Boatright: 2 cultivators
J.L. Walton: 1 cultivator
G. Boatright: 2 cultivators
J.L. Walton: 2 cultivators
G. Boatright: 1 cultivator
L.W. Turner: 2 cultivators
G. Boatright: 1 cultivator
A.M. Harris: 1 scythe and cradle
A.M. Worthington: 1 pr. andirons
L.W. Barnes: 1 cooking stove
W.H. Gregory: 4 barrels
T. Gillespie: 1 bread tray
T. Whitesides: 1 bread tray
T. Whitesides: 1 hogshead
A.J. Loague: 1 turner and stock
M.L. Carr: 1 turner and stock
T. Gillespie: 1 turner and stock
G. Boatright: 1 harrow
A.J. Loague: 1 bulltongue
L.W. Turner: 1 harrow
G. Boatright: 3 planes
J.K. Jenkins: 3 chisels
L. W. Turner: 2 small augers
D.M. Story: 2 large augers
F.M. Cothren: 1 large auger
L.W. Hankins: 1 hand saw
L.W. Turner: 1 hand saw
G.W. Barrat: 1 draw knife
J.K. Jenkins: 1 broad axe
J.M. Repult: 1 cross cut saw
W.J. Jenkins: 1 cross cut saw
W. Vinson: 1 set chairs
J.K. Jenkins: 1 tin pan
T. Whitesides: 1 pine table
Annie Whitesides: 1 spinning wheel
L.W. Gardner: 1 bay Mare (Patsy)
Anna Whitesides: 1 bay filly
J.C. Gardner: 1 blk. sow and 8 pigs
G. Boatright: 5 first choice pork pigs
Mrs. Hester: 5 2nd choice pork pigs
Mrs. Wilburn: 5 3rd choice pork pigs
J.L. Gardner: 5 4th choice pork pigs
L.W. Barnes: 5 5th choice pork pigs
S.L. Walton: 5 6th choice pork pigs
S.L. Walton: 5 7th choice pork pigs
D. Hobbs: 5 8th choice pork hogs
J. Keyes: 5 more or less per head
J. Keyes: 1 stray sow
J. Keyes: 1 buggy and harness
D. Hobbs: 7 sheep

End of Sale List



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